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“Oh!President Hu originally meant this,Then i understand。I’ll go there tomorrow,what do you think?”Wang Youcai followed Hu Huiru’s meaning,Said with a smile。

Hu Huiru thought for a while on the phone and said:“Best in the evening,I usually don’t see much in the daytime,Do you understand me?”
“Understand Hu,I know what to do with this”Wang Youcai said excitedly。So it seems,Hu Huiru still believes him a little bit。
Hang up the phone,Wang Youcai lying on the bed。Watching the straight flame of the stove,His heart is as hot as a fire。Actually he is not a fool,Feng Yan was raised and put down by Hu Huiru,To put it bluntly, I still don’t believe her。
Let him monitor Feng Yan today,Maybe Feng Yan will watch her tomorrow。Such a thing,Hu Huiru can definitely do it。
Think about it,Wang Youcai thinks,Do things for the boss,Even if you take out your heart,The boss won’t believe you 100%。This is the most uncomfortable thing。It’s not that there is no doubt about employing people,Does the suspect need it??But can really do this,How many more people are there?
Winter in the Great Northwest,At six o’clock the sky began to turn black,If it’s cloudy,It will get dark and a little earlier。
Wang Youcai lying in bed,Don’t want to move。Because there is a big iron stove in the house,So I can’t feel cold at all。And Liu Ying also turned on the electric blanket on the bed in advance,So Xia Jian is very comfortable in bed。
Suddenly he sat up suddenly。Hu Huiru just asked him to put all employees off,It looks like it’s getting dark now,I can’t go back,I can only have a holiday tomorrow。But this must be arranged tonight。
Wang Youcai is too lazy to go。Such a cold day,As soon as he walked out, his whole body became cold again。So he jumped out of bed,Pull up two slippers,Opened a small gap in the glass window。Even so,The cold wind got in。
Drill straight into his clothes like a knife。Wang Youcai opened his throat and shouted:“Tian Wa!Come to my room”
Wang Youcai finished calling,Hurriedly shut the window。This year this year is really cold,From memory,Wang Youcai has never been so afraid of the cold。
In a while,Tian Wa ran in quickly。His come in,A cold wind was also brought in。This feels so obvious。
“Is something wrong, Brother Wang?The weather is too cold”Tian Wa was talking,Rubbing hands。
Wang Youcai nodded and said:“All holiday tomorrow,Only four people left,Including a cooker”