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That time the emotion is very low,Do not do anything,I feel that life has lost value,Last day is depressed。

Sleep has also begun to be bad,Can’t sleep,Easy to wake up,A nightmare。
Complain with parents,Complained with friends,Can’t get the correct guidance,Miss Tan even went to the courage to interview.。
after that,Contrade with friends、There is no interest in shopping.。
One day of heaven at home,Fullness,Don’t say,Intermittent is washed with tears。
A better friend found her abnormality,It may be depression with her parents.,Don’t do it, you will find a short-term。Everyone listens a few words of depression,All scared,How can your daughter get depression?,I heard that movie stars will have depression.,How can you have this baby?。
Probably work is not going well,Psychology is greatly settled。
Even your dog,Parent23The year old daughter brought the local hospital psychology department,Tell the experience and emotions of this time,It is said that the daughter has become a tea for a few months.,Oligo,Action slow,I will cry when I will cry.。
Will it be depressed?Parents ask a doctor。
The doctor also asked a lot of questions.,Finally, I have a similar patient.,For example, there is a disease in disorder。Parents thought a little,Support in my support,Children’s philantu,I am crazy for several years ago.。
This is a family history history.。
depression。The doctor gives a diagnosis after evaluation.。
I want a doctor to give another diagnosis.,After all, depression is a psychological illness.,Miss Tan’s parents can’t accept,It’s true that this disease is not true.。
Unrestrained,Decided to change a hospital。
Go to the local Tangjia Hospital,Still find a psychologist,The diagnosis given is also the same,Depression。
Parents,Shuangli suddenly got a lot of white。
Accomplish,Since the front2Doctor’s statement is the same,It is estimated that the baby is this disease.,Really bitter。That takes medicine.。Can this disease cure?。They are very concerned about this problem。
Most of the drug can be controlled,Some people can try to reduce or stop the drug later after the effect.。The doctor gave a reply。But some drugs have some side effects,Must be used under our guidance,Don’t add or reduce yourself。
Take a medicine,Drug called fluoxin tablets,There are two other drugs。Anyway, it is the treatment of depression.。
After eating medicine,Miss Tan seems to have a little better.,It seems that there is more time to talk.,But the effect is not long,And repeatedly。
The middle also adjusted several drugs。
Don’t say work,Even if the basic life, Miss Tan seems to be competent.,Usually love to cook a baby,Almost don’t eat me now。
Talk2Year experience,Miss Tan’s parents have teared。
Later, Ms. Tan was worse.,In addition to depression,Sleeping snoring is particularly powerful,Parents next door housing are often scared by her snoring.,Later, her parents saw some WeChat public articles.,Speaking of snoring is also a disease,And some people may play with a sudden death.。
to this end,Parents have been watching for some time.2The baby is sleeping.,Beide Miss Tan bed,When she saw her snoring, she quickly shouted her.,I am afraid that she is not careful.。
This adheres to it for more than a month,Everyone is very hard。Miss Tan repeatedly woke up,Wake up will also send some temper。
But no way.,In case she really fell asleep.,Then there is what I mean by living.。Miss Tan’s father said,Very helpless。
Hurry to the hospital。
Just starting the doctor said that Miss Tan is too fat.,160Son,Weight has soared75kgNS,This is some exaggeration。Weight loss may snoring will be better。
She is not like this,It used to be very thin,It is sick these two years.,Depressed,Do not love,I ate the anti-depressed drugs,Talents become fat。Although there is not much eating,But the weight is still squatting。Miss Tan mother is in a hurry like the ants on the hot pot,I hope that the doctor quickly supported a trick.。
There is no easy to use drugs.,The effect is not good。It’s really not, then surgery.,Snoring may be that some tissue of the throat is caused by fat.,When you sleep, these organizations will slack down and block the respiratory tract.,Airflow into and out of respiratory tract become difficult,Will snoring,Surgical cut off some organization,Maybe improve snoring。
I heard that she wants surgery,Parents hesitate。
If you don’t want surgery,Then go to the respiratory department to see,See if you can help with ventilator。
I heard no surgery can solve problems,Miss Tan’s parents quickly transfer the position,Come to the respiratory department。
Respiratory is a young woman in depression,Sleep breathing, low ventilation syndrome(Commonly known as snoring),It is recommended to lose weight first.,Second, you can consider making a sleep monitoring check.,If you find that low ventilation is serious,Can consider sleeping with no ventilator。
Do sleep breathing monitoring on the same day,Waiting for Miss Tan asleep,The doctor was scared.,This snoring,Really comparable to the train,You are hard to think about this is a girl.,Although she is somewhat fat。
And more critical is,Miss Tan is indeed a situation where there is a respiratory suspension.,Most often40Second apnea,This is indeed risky,No wonder she doesn’t talk during the day.,Uncomfortable,You can’t sleep well this night.,Brain ischemic hypoxia,During the day, the spirit is not concentrated.。Respiratory doctor said。