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The voice has not fallen,A thick tail in the thunder smoke swept over,Sent this talisman to fly。
In the smoke,Tyrannosaurus Leichang’s strong body silhouette stood up,It goes out of it,Chasing the flying talisman was another brutal shovel collision!
The other two talismans were shocked,Specially glanced at the location of the lightning talisman。
The lightning talisman has been crushed,But this Thunder Tyrannosaurus was not injured,The molten heavy armor on its body even lit up some ancient patterns。
These textures,Let the thunderscales of Lecang Tyrannosaurus shine brightly,When Lei Cang tyrannosaurus can’t chase that capable runemaster,Tyrannosaurus Lei Cang opened his mouth,Roared!!
Thunder Roar!!
Different from previous combat skills,This time, the roar of the thundercang tyrannosaurus was accompanied by purple-black lightning.,This is dozens of times stronger than the crack roar before!
The agile talisman never thought that his lightning talisman could not only hurt the tyrannosaurus,It also filled the opponent’s thunder scale with lightning energy。
In the end, the lightning struck him,Even the dust talisman can’t withstand such power。
Solved a talisman。
Lei Cang Tyrannosaurus rushed to the other two Fu Zong disciples,Wearing a heavy armor of molten fire, it basically ignores the talisman of thunder and fire of these talisman masters,With a strong dragon body and violent brute force,These two talismans are a little overwhelmed。