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“and many more,You mean to say,Zhang Changting implied that the important things were on his grandson?He was obviously intimidated when he talked to you?”

“almost。”The instructor nodded,“There were five or six big men around him,Each is not a simple role,I just thought they were old man Zhang’s bodyguards,But after chatting, I found something wrong,Mainly a feeling。”The instructor then explained the details of going to the mountain courtyard,As for the three people I saw later‘Tianzhenwei’,He just added two sentences vaguely。
“This old boy is so cruel?What important thing makes him sell all his grandchildren?”
“I am also guessing,It’s nothing more than Zhang’s secret,Remember that audio,It mentioned iron tokens and fingers,Could it be something extremely close to these?”
“wrong,There are loopholes in this。”Lao Mao shook his head,“Even as you said,Old man Zhang deliberately transferred the conflict to his grandson,It doesn’t seem to get rid of his current predicament?Why bother?”
“do not know,Did you have a premonition before discussing it?,Foreshadowing?”
Always shake your head,“More,Have you thought about it,Why did the old man call you??If he wants to escape,The reason for finding a helper,But looking for someone like you is a taboo,Are all the people who control him fools??”
“You say it’s just an illusion?”
“Special,I am also confused by you。”Always scratching his head,He can see the obvious illogical points in the problem,But I can’t find a solution or breakthrough。
“No matter what,Block it now,Must find these two kids。”
“I’m exaggerating a bit,But there is also a degree。How about this,Light loose dark tight,Your people are all arranged by you,I’ll transfer you two more fighters,Don’t mention it if you don’t block it。”
Can only do this,Lao Mao has actually made a big step,The Zhang House attack and the use of police to arrest Zhang Xigen,The place where people do it,If there is no achievement,He can’t eat,So he was also afraid,Instructor understand。
Lao Mao wants to organize the interrogation of Zhang Xigen and others,No time to talk,The instructor has no time to watch,Call Hu Dehai and others immediately,Let them bring a few fighters,All the traffic arteries in the county are stuck in casual clothes,The photos of the Zhang brothers were also posted,Report every 20 minutes,Until found。
The instructor also personally participated in the search,He must keep himself busy,Otherwise, I will always think about Xu Wen,There is no news from Gu Changfeng,I’m afraid it’s still on the way,Unprecedented pressure is always looking for ways to relieve。