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Consultant, I want to dial the hand of the branch, The action is slow,Look at her face,There are also a bit of hesitized incredible:Fake crying……?

But as long as you think this is crying, she is looking at Xiao Yao, I really want to cut it., Tentative in the heart of the consultant『swing』Unfosit。
Slightly moved,Branch condition『shoot』Tighten, Tense inquiry:“What happened to you??Don’t『chaos』verb: move, Need to care now!”
Consultant’s desert looks at her performance, Cold-lived words:“I am fine.。”
枝 不 不 手:“You don’t want to be『sex』,I think you have something。”
Although the consultant is not moving, It does not have a foottellite,A group of black rough people poured into the temple, Shouting in the mouth“Respect”;But did not follow the timing to stop in front of the consultant,Did not try to pull 枝,But the radius is straight to Xiao Yao., It’s going to have a life and death.。
The fighting and arrogant in the Moist bones,Unconditional follower,But will abandon the out of the moment when the strong people fall.。
Advisor is trapped in this matter,There is no need to do it in these belly:If it is easily suppressed,So consultant is not worth following;If it is interested,This is the fun of people.,Even disturbing is not far from looking for death。
Xiao Jozi Moist Group surrounded,Seems to be critical,However, as long as the consultant is not,That is, Xiao Yao is hurt, you can get out.。
枝 心 心 主 主,When you are looking at the cozy cheeks、A finely hurting eyebrow close to the mandible:“How can I hurt here??The face of the lord is good,There is a little bit of a little bit of pain.。”
The sweet words of her belief is as good as it is.。
Consultant or wound,But there is Xiao Yao horns in this middle.『Insert』Foot,No matter how happy you are happy。
竹 指 虚 虚 悬 上,A cut-like model that I want to touch and don’t touch。
Consultant plays her hand,Mengyu:
“You discovered later,This wound should be better.。”
Branch seriously:“Another wound,Fall on you,I am also a big event.。”
There is a feeling of moving the stone。
Talk about love here,There is a hundred。
The two parties are very different atmospheres.,Xiao Jojian,Advisor is only with the arm sleeve,Still hanging on your body“burden”,Want to send Xiao Yuyuan。
All this seems slow,In fact, these people don’t have a few words with Xiao Jo.,Consultant, this party, the heart god,Naturally can’t catch up。
Let the monks come to the demon palace,It is a majestic thing that is extremely impaired.。
Seven zero seventeen in the temple,Most of the credit of Xiao Yan and Advisor,Pillar of jade is the trace of swords and spiritual cuts,Silver chain friction special traces『Insert』in,I lost my initial luxury。
“Still don’t let go?”
Consultant’s warehouse looked at the hand of branches in the waist,I don’t think it is shameful.,Just insight into the probably used meaning of 枝,Embarrassing。
枝 眼 眼 光 光『color』Extremely poor,Ei Zone,Still in your mouth:“Respect the owner’s body,First call『Medicine』Teacher。”
After the consultant, the sword of Xiao Jie was played two.,The rib is risky,Standing straight and not smooth。Cold eyes, 枝,Soon from the sight,Lifelong’s subordinates:“Put her down her,Good life。”
I know how to escape.。
Fortunately, the consultant is not big.,Didn’t be the worst situation。
Before,About consultant is forgotten,I didn’t even gave the 枝 套。