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Autonomous Region Financial Detacha, Allain Forest Grass Ecological Protection Repair Funds 9.58 million

  Recently, the Autonomous Region Finance Hall down Dalaji League Forestry and Grassland Bureau 2021 forestry grassland ecological protection recovery funds 9.58 million yuan.

  Among them, Tianhua Project Social Insurance subsidy funds are 600,000 yuan, mainly used in Tianmao project social insurance payment; grassland ecological protection repair management subsidy funds 7.65 million yuan, mainly used to implement a serious degraded sofat grassland ecological restoration management project, test demonstration project, carry out Monitoring evaluation work; grassland biomass prevention and control subsidy funds 1.33 million yuan, mainly used in grassland harmful biological census, prevention and control work and monitoring investigation work, etc., work tasks and performance goals simultaneously.

  Next, the Allain Forestgrass will closely focus on the policy of planning the grassland sand system of landscape forest, increase the ecological construction and protection of forest grass, and vigorously strengthen the Huanghe River Basin, Heihe River Basin and Nature Reserve Ecological Protection Repair, solidly promotes He Gunshan. Ecological corridors and national park construction, which fully contribute to the important ecological safety barrier in the north of the motherland. (Reporter Huo Xiaoyu) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.