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Dalian fire rescue detachment fully launched the "100 Secretary" activities

Combined with party history learning education activities, in order to further understand the historic achievements of the Communist Party of China, historic changes occurred, deepening the understanding and comprehension of party theory, truly learning history, learning history, learning history , School history, learning party history, understanding, doing practical things, opening new bureaus, recently, Dalian fire rescue detachment fully launched "100 Secretary Party History" series activities. Adhere to the top design, high level promotion Dalian Detachment Party Committee adhere to the overall design arrangements, with the Party Committee of the Party Committee, the Party Committee Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Party Branch Secretary of the Party Branch of the Fire Rescue Station, respectively, around the CPC’s 100 years, The major events of the Communist Party of China, the major events in the Chinese Communist Party, the party construction and business work mutual integration topics and the 5 topics of the Chinese Spirit. Dalian Detachment Party Committee adheres to vigorously promoting the style of Marxism, maximizing all the strength, mobilizing all the enthusiasm, brings together global wisdom, ensuring high standards, strict requirements, excellence, ensure that all of the warfares have subjected to high quality, high Quality of party history education baptism.