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Hearing Dai Yun guessing about his inheritance,Chen Xiu neither denies nor nods,Thought to myself:“I have a fart master behind me,Groping all by yourself。but,Since you guessed so,I’ll just fake it!”

“The person who entrusted me was going to kill you!” Dai Yun stared at Chen Xiu and said:“I think your master is a senior,Give you a chance。” “What do you want?” Chen Xiu looked cautious when facing Dai Yun,Secretly condense Zhen Qi on hand,Secretly guarded。 “Stay here for thirty years,After thirty years,Those who want to […]

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When Li Tianchou woke up, he found himself in a quiet cabin,I don’t know how long I slept,The first reaction is to be covered with gauze,This makes him feel very uncomfortable,Although not like this for the first time,But this uncomfortable feeling is the first time。

It’s still pitch black all around,Is it night again?After a short visual adaptation,He has seen the outline around him clearly。Small hut,About a dozen squares,Indoor square,Simple furnishings。The biggest object is the big bed I lie on,Next to the bedside table,There is also a table lamp on it。He tried to move his muscles and bones,No movement disorders,But […]

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Fortunately, the current stealing is legal.。

Nan Ge seems to have a little his emotions,Deliberately:“Equal, if someone is chasing us,You can run。” “Um!” Zhou is more excited。 Nano Haha smiled,Don’t panic,Open the mobile phone flashlight to start a selection in the soil。 Pick a very careful。 Half an hour later,She selected a relatively small lotus white,Cut the small knife […]

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“Give me 10,000。”

“I bought five thousand。” “I bought three thousand。” Subsets boom。 Wang Liu is in the eyes,The heart is loose,Look this,His debts should be sold.。 “Let it go。” “Um……”Wang Zhixin is excited,Under the appreciation,Then react it, it is a bit wrong.,Touching the heart:“what?go?Where is it??Don’t you see it??” “No need to watch。” Flock effect,The rest is […]

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The most strange thing is,This guy is not afraid of hot,Put it on the outer wall of the casserole with your own hand。

Hold the window,Luo Qianjin slammed his mouth,I can’t help but a warm flow in my heart.。 Slowly retreat,Then enter the bathroom to clean the body,The mood is also getting pleasant.,Tell a song that has not sings for a long time。 After cleaning,Summer has already placed the hot casserole on the table。 “I am stewing […]

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“Ice cone,What do you mean!”The magic cliffs heard the face and looked gloomy. Half holy road of this ice。

Semi-holy named ice cone,Have a hatred with the magic cliff。 “Means nothing,Just ask questions.。”Ice cone is cold laughing:“Do not mind,However, if anyone digs my family’s grave,Laozi is chasing the end of the world,Also kill him,Disable!” Tell this,Many of the half of the cold domain and the residency are looking at the magic cliff like a […]

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The next day, the game started,Opening ceremony this time,Directly,Agers,Battle in the afternoon。

“The predecessor cheers.!Let them see the power of our 京!” “Cat slave,Twen brothers come on。” Under the customer’s call,Flat life walked into the venue。 Then the book is not shadowed.,Arrange plan in advance。 Noon,lunch time。 In a flower bed in the school people,Well’s starry figure slowly enters the scope of the field of view。 “elder […]

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“OK,Don’t tell me yours,I do not want to hear。In a word,You open a hospital,My one million disapproval。Today, my Wang Youdao put the words here,Anything that happens to you in the future,Don’t come to me again”

Wang Youdao finished,Turned and walked out the door。It’s pitch black outside,Can be said to be out of sight。Listening to the footsteps of Wang Youdao away,Chen Yueqin can’t sit still。 The palm of the palm and the back of the hand are all meat,She will also remember which one。She took a breath and said to Wang […]

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Real history,After the death of Kaolian,Otto is mostly used to retain the soul of Carotine。

He didn’t even resign to Shenzhou to find Hua Hua rescue.,Unfortunately, I have a hollow.。 Otto is a paranoia,Do not finish complete full resurrection,Not satisfying this soul。 After all, he likes the carine in that memory.,Instead of losing most memories of Carine。 That Eleano is the old ancestors of Sari。 She loves Otto,For Otto, […]

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People in the live broadcast are also shocked.,I finished yesterday.,Today is coming。

This is straight to it.? Take a few steps,Soon, I found the other party in the location of the village.。 A meritorious man,Carry a big bag,Take a suitcase again,This physique is,Shen Xuan stands next to,It is very small。 “Good guy,Is this people so strong??” “How do I feel that he can fight Xuan Ge?!” “Confidence,Feel […]

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