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“What car?”Sun Shoupeng and Cheng Xingming asked in unison。

———— First200chapter Looking strong “Minivan,Some countries also call this car a small van,”Chen Geng said,Take out the third picture:“This is a small van that Japan’s Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. just launched to the market this year,call‘carry’,the size is ST-90V,Carry one543CCA three-cylinder gasoline engine and one797CCFour-cylinder gasoline engine。” I can see that the square on the […]

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Facing Huaqing’s Yaowu,The students at Peking University have nothing to do but get furious,Who made Chen Geng not his Peking University student??

Without any choice,At that time, a certain vice principal of Peking University who also went to the airport to pick up Chen Geng became a punching bag for the students.:The principal of Huaqing knows to take the opportunity to accept a student,Why don’t you know? ———————————— After all, the matter of the International Student Fund […]

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“Ok,”Fred·Defen nodded,Said:“First,Do we lay off、And how many layoffs,Are based on the interests of us and more employees,Maybe in Mr. Verhagen’s opinion, the layoffs suddenly4000People will bring us a lot of public opinion pressure,But gentlemen,One thing we have to figure out is:If you continue to let the current situation go on,Not cut4000Problem with employees,But including us in this meeting room20000The survival of many Fokker Group employees,”

Looking at Massim·Verhagen,Fred·Difen’s words every word:“Mr. Verhagen,If you don’t cut this4000people,Can you guarantee that the company’s situation will get better?I don’t even require your measures to be effective immediately,But at least,To give us a way that looks feasible。” “This one……There is always a way……” Massim·Verhagen opened his mouth,But he was speechless for a while——What can […]

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Massim·Verhagen let out a long sigh,not talking anymore。

right now,He regrets,If I didn’t try my best to get on the horseF70aircraft,Maybe there will be no trouble right now? …………………… Although Fokker has not reached any agreement with Chen Geng,But Fokker and Rolls·How deeply involved is Royce’s interests,I’m an old man who has worked together for decades,and so,In a very short time,Rolls·Royce knew that […]

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Qin Feng wouldn’t be so persuaded if it were replaced before being injured,But now it’s different,He doesn’t even have the ability to fight,So we can only outsmart。

In contrast, Zhao Kuo is not so calm。Although Qin Feng had always been fooled before,,But it doesn’t mean he was completely brainwashed by Qin Feng。So at this time I still have my own judgment and thread。 “How to do?Are we fugitives??What about my parents?.” Zhao Kuo’s heart long ago,So there is no way to stay […]

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Talking,The silver phantom just flashed into a stream of light,Then shoot at Qin Feng’s forehead。He was scared,Instinctively want to hide。So I didn’t hide it,Otherwise, I will miss a chance。

After this stream of light entered Qin Feng’s forehead,A series of images appeared suddenly in Qin Feng’s mind。 Kunlun Seven Swords. A few minutes later,Qin Feng just recovered,just now,He has seen the demonstration of seven sword moves completely,Originally he entered a state of epiphany,I was bombarded back to the real world in just an instant。 […]

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“Ok,You seem to make sense,People at the bottom of the pit,You take him away!”Lu Menglin tilted his head,Lightly。

Principal Huang heard this,There was a hint of joy on his face that was not easily noticeable,Waved quickly,Motioned for the tribe to get Du Shaoping out of the pit。 ———— Chapter Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven Voice of justice Soon,A few young guys jumped out of the mud,Du Shaoping, who was dying, was dragged out。 […]

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Currently Alpha has40010,000 shares of Jonathan Copper,nearly4000Ten thousand dollars long position。

Just a violent throw,Alpha has already lost within half an hour500Ten thousand U.S. dollars。 This is for the small Alpha company,It’s a disaster! “Large foreign debt,Invest all in one stock?”Qiao Tianyu sounds a little confused。 Isn’t it that David is a complete risk aversion?? Risk averse people pay the most attention to the management of […]

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What the two little policemen said,The people around know that the police comrades are on the side of Liufang,Suddenly there was another burst of laughter。

Feng Tao had expected such a scene long ago,Sneered:“Which area are you from?Who is the leader?I won’t talk nonsense with you,I am looking for your leadership。” The little policeman holding his hands clenched his face,Push the car,Loudly:“What do you mean?Look down on us grassroots policemen?Tell you,Lao Tzu is from the Criminal Police Brigade,Police officerS33431,My leader […]

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Those fire charms hit the bull devil’s chest,Only a few sparks,But can’t stop its movements,This degree of injury,For the bull devil,It’s really not worth mentioning。

at this time,A powerful wave of mana rises into the sky,Successfully attracted the attention of the Bull Demon King。 Mufeiyan!She is on the edge of the altar ten steps away from the Bull Demon,Flat push with both palms,Have words in your mouth,Seems to be chanting a mysterious mantra。 In the process of her chanting and […]

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