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Lu Si looks at two red lines,Excited hands swing,“Wow!Blue,You are too powerful. Really pregnant, my nephew。”

Blue Xinye asked:“Sister,How do you know that it will be a nephew?,If it is a niece??” Lu Si is happy and laughing.:“Blue,Whether it is a nephew or a niece,I all like it.。” “Oh!”Blue Xin looked at her blinking,A pair of crying。 Le Yu, etc.,Incoming things,I have heard the conversation of two people.,She took a breath […]

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Back from Shenjia Village,Li Hui also found a double double。

Ye Shuangshuang is signing in the office。 Every batch of goods from the winery,I need her to confirm it.。 Seeing Li Hui,Ye Double is also a glimpse。 “big boss,From the construction plant until now, you have never been to see it.,what is it today? Can you come over here。” “Hey-hey,Today is something。” “whats the matter? […]

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When Dong Yixuan heard that Xia Jian let him be a helper,This makes him happy。This kid ran over,He pushed Dong Xuanxuan to the door and said:“Go! Go! Go,Brother Hao doesn’t like you“This young man speaks improperly,What do you like or dislike。

Dong Xuanxuan standing outside was extremely embarrassed,She shouted angrily:“What a white-eyed wolf,I’m your sister。Ho Ho Ho,As if he was a dear“ Xiao Wei came over,Took her daughter’s hand and said:“Why are you fighting with your brother??His changes these days,Really happy,If it wasn’t for Xia Hao’s appearance,,I don’t know what it is like now,I can’t predict“ […]

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Xia Jian reached out and patted Xiong Sanqiang’s back:“All right,You know what you pretend to do,Don’t say we found you。You continue to stay with me!I can’t think about it for long,Zhao Delin will come back to find you,Take you to Hejiaping Village”

“Ok!I understand Mayor Xia,I know what i should do next”Xiong Sanqiang finished,Jumped out of the car。 Xia Jian looked at this former prodigal son,I really have mixed feelings in my heart。Xiong Sanqiang climbed up the road step by step,He also looked back at Xia Jian and the others from time to time。 Xia Jian’s big […]

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Wang Youcai glanced at this woman,Smiled slightly:“Manager Wang is polite。President Hu has already said,You still do the specific work here,I’m bluntly just a name“

Wang Youcai is at this point,Make no secret。He knows he’s half a catty,If a pig’s nose is inserted into an elephant,,He really couldn’t get off the stage later。I might as well put my position right earlier,Let those who can do things well。 “Mr. Wang is really polite。How about this!I brought together several key leaders of […]

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Go to the County Public Security Bureau to find out the situation,And no relevant case,So strange,The first feeling I gave Wu Fang was that the curator was lying,Loss of seemingly unimportant local records,It doesn’t seem to be worth hiding in the museum,But if there are major hidden secrets,Then it’s another matter,It may be more than just a lie by the curator。

Consider carefully,Whether it’s stolen or lost,All show that these materials are missing,But it was too coincidental,These historical materials are what Wu Fang is eager to see,For example, the earliest record of the changes in the Zhang family, ranked second among the top ten surnames in Honggu County;Biography of Zhang Hongguang, the first county magistrate in […]

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How did I recognize two relatives?。

A Chen Shu,Now I have a little Lu Ge.。 There is also a sister of Lu Tianhe after meeting.,This is not a bit messy.。 I don’t know how his sister is alarmed.…… Chat,The plane began to drop! False moment,I feel that my body has some picker feelings.。 When you are approaching the ground, when you […]

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just in case。

Just play this side without any time to find Ye Fengchun’s trouble。 Ye Fengchun is in this time。 Directly call the brothers to prepare to take the fire fight with Fan。 Li Hui is sitting in the office and drinking tea in the office.,Chat。 Both people are still moving。 After all, this pen can be […]

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Days of the day,The development of Shenjiacun is also the speed of the naked eye.。

Of course, the development of lotus village is better.,Although there is no Li Hui Feng present,But everything has not stopped development。 …………Sun Yarru sits on the edge of the lotion,A couple who looks not far from kiss me.,Heart god is also a bit ripple。 Liu Yanfeng, on the side, see Sun Yaru’s appearance,Don’t laugh。 “Yaru,You […]

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The calf demon leads to Zunbao to the yard,The latter saw the King of the Niu Deyu,Tears:“Niu Xiong doesn’t know,I’m going to die, I am going to die.。”

I think you want me to die.! Niu Deyan disdain,See Zun, Zunbao Nasal,I thought it was the old and old injury.,Poor in front of him,Yin and yang strange:“Brother,Tomorrow is you and my sister’s big marriage,You have never left a message.,I thought you flee married.。” “Niu Dan is mistaken,I am with the fragrance.,How can I abandon […]

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