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Since Li Tianzhen woke up,Then I learned about the battle situation and the black unicorn from Dayan’s spiritual knowledge.,So I didn’t hesitate to cut off the spiritual connection with it,He will not give the kinsmen any chance to peek,I believe this is also good for the black unicorn。

The light fades,Darkness shrouds the earth again,Li Tianzhen’s body is flying with the night wind in the wilderness,Flicker,Anti-turn East,Flirty,This is the body method of stepping on the wind and chasing the clouds only possessed by great supernatural powers,More clever than walking against the wind。 Treading the wind and chasing the clouds not only fits the […]

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This is a very good Persian in a Chinese.,Some superline,So Chu Deirers teach:“that is,Weak、Ignorant、Confused、Forces the force,It should be merged to replace……Holy fire teaches multiple turmoil,What is confusing,For the dispute,Home brothers,What is ignorant,You are so easy to catch it.,What is weak,Anyway, it is going to die.,Then I know the nature to replace the holy fire.,Save you!”

Wisdom:…… Mid-earth,Is it so unreasonable?? 黛 丝 知道 知道 是 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上,Still deliberately,A dramatic cough,Xiao Zhao is busy in the past to help mother。 Then I said after asthing.:“Small Zhao can’t be like this to return to Persian……Wisdom,you are smart、Can also take the side to be a fool。but……Chu Lee,Wisdom […]

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I wish Minglang these days,I saw people running around outside the courtyard from morning till night,I also know that Zulong City State has just gone through a change,Many people ask her to do a lot of things。

But Zhu Minglang can also see,For family matters,She is not interested,Basically, the next person in power has been appointed,Then let him handle it。 this person,May not be fully trusted by Yunzi Lai,At least it won’t hinder her anymore。 Military guard,It seems that Commander Cheng is in charge。 Recently there has been a large-scale mobilization of […]

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Although Wright has a genius magician on his head,warrior、The halo of the students of the Holy Magister,But in the eyes of the master refiners in the Chamber of Commerce,Just need to teach some basic skills,Why should they go?These real masters like these tens of thousands of gold coins in an hour are not free。

And Master Yilangus happened to be in the Imperial Capital,The level is very strong compared with ordinary forgers,But in the master level, it can only be regarded as a water-injecting refiner, and it is pushed up.。 Master Yilangus originally thought Wright was a genius magician,Genius warrior,But you can’t be a genius in the forge, right?!Facts […]

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See here,at this time,Wang Teng waved his hand to this side,Motion to those around you to continue。

quickly,These people around Wang Teng came quickly,Very simple,I have completely controlled these。 Done these,Now,Wang Teng looked towards the distance a little bit。 The more so,Actually put in these places,Wang Teng looked more and more seriously,。 “All right,Now words,Other things,I won’t say so much for now。” “As for the next,How to solve it,You all think,What should […]

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I don’t know what this fairy sister likes,Send something over then。

at this time,Lingju and Lingjing came over,Jingpu’s face also showed a bright smile。 It seems to be persuaded。 When Lingju and Lingjing came to Jingpu,Jingpu hasn’t said anything yet,Lingju and Lingjing suddenly bent slightly,Lingju bowed his head and apologized: “I’m really sorry senior。” Because of digging? Jingpu smiled and waved his hand: “Nothing,No……” But Jingpu’s […]

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Wang Youcai came out of the clinic,Drove to the supermarket。He pushed two shopping carts,It’s full of things needed for the New Year,In this way, he will not blame him again when he goes home。

Drove to the gas station again,After filling up the fuel tank,Wang Youcai drove to Xiping Village。Along the way,The sound of firecrackers to celebrate the Spring Festival has sounded in the surrounding villages。Wang Youcai at this time,I really want to have wings and fly back。 May be the reason why they all go home for the […]

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These weird phenomena are not enough to threaten Ah Cheng,He seriously suspects that it is some unknown creature,For example, worms like leeches have penetrated into your body,But soon the pain came,The kind of searing that burned through every inch of skin made him unforgettable。

Start from the limbs,Indeed burning,Acheng witnessed,The hands and feet are like lighted candles with dark flames,That kind of pain,It strongly stimulates his senses and every nerve cell in his body,I instantly tasted the feeling that life is better than death,More terrifying is,He suddenly couldn’t control his body,Can’t even struggle,Until the whole body is burnt into […]

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Duan Zhengyu and Yan Xingzhu were so scared? Sudden surprise、Cry again and laugh again。

“Gigbling……Why are you?……Harm me……Happy solution……Gigbling……”A Zi is still laughing。 Her tone,Semi-tongue? One is a beginner Chinese。 Wang Yizhen and Mu Yuqing also loosened? A Zhu is even more likely。 However, this time is also discovered.? Want to solve the hole,However……Anyang finger,Disorder failure! The heart is dark self-amazed Ku’s finger skill,I also said to the Chu […]

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Why is this guy like a fly,I can meet him wherever I go,Xia Jian couldn’t help feeling sick。Heiwa behind,Took a step forward,Staring at Wang Qiang and said:“Who are you keeping the door for??Is the owner absent,You twisted the rope and ran out?“

“Ha ha!Heiwa,Today I will talk about business,Talk to your boss,Let’s talk again,You can’t steal the limelight from your boss, right?!“What a hob meat,I was scolded like this and still had a hippie smile。 Xia Jian waved his hand,Let Heiwa retreat behind her,Then asked coldly:“ThisaLandmark,I heard it turned out to be a deserted beach,And when Beiwei […]

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