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“How about brother?Did you take care of Xia Jian today??He still wants to fight me,Don’t look at whose brother I am”Chen Feng said with a laugh on the phone。

Chen Jiang replied weakly:“All right,sleep early!Tomorrow you find a way to leave the hospital,I won’t come to pick you up” “What’s wrong bro?Is it too tired,If you are really tired,Then rest early。You don’t care about my discharge,Brothers will come”Chen Feng finished,A little unhappy and hung up。 Chen Jiang lay down on the sofa,I just feel […]

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third chapter Treasure and Infinite Space

A weak but firm force,Li Ming,Spread out around the earth。 The speed of this force far exceeds the speed of light,Spread quickly。 Within the range of this force,Ordinary Lord、Immortality can’t be sensed at all,Even the Venerable Universe just feels something wrong。 Only those great masters of the universe,And very few universe overlords can feel this […]

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“Hey-hey,Anger,Out of order to make money,Not to be angry with them,I have made money.。”

I heard the other party,Li Hui is also silently nod.。 “Row,Then you stay.,I will make you twenty people, I will take you to find the boss.。” “Hey-hey,Little brother,I also have a part of our village.,About five or six,Do you want me to try it??” Li Hui, listen to this,I didn’t say that I didn’t say […]

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Snow is still falling,There is hardly a pedestrian on the road。Wang Youcai walked to Pingyang Town like crazy。at this time,It’s getting dark。

Grandma’s,I must go to Pingdu tonight,Wang Youcai vowed to himself。It’s really the emperor who pays off,A taxi to take patients stopped at the street。After some bargaining,Wang Youcai finally arrived in Pingdu as he wished。 Originally a few tens of minutes by car,Because of the chain on the tire,So when it’s normal,,It’s already nine o’clock in […]

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However, the golden light circulates on the surface of the five ancient swords,There are also dozens of golden strings in series,Faintly echo each other,Like the five fingers of a palm,One paw。

Self-created method of using magic weapon—Wuzhishan! The peaks turned into by a pair of hammers only blocked for half an instant,Directly crushed by Wuzhishan。 The burly warrior’s complexion changed drastically,Feet on the ground,The body jumps back quickly。 “boom~”Five-handed ancient sword combination,Form a force of grip and restraint,Acting on the burly warrior。 “what!” Five ancient swords […]

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She will do their best to cherish the man in front of him.。

Thank you for all years to do everything for her.。 Lu Haocheng looked at the smile of the heart,I can’t help but hook the lips:“Blue,I know,You can’t forget me.,But this thing is not anxious.,Let’s go in。” “Um!” Noddion。 Lu Haocheng walked over,Anned doorbell。 Lin Dami listened to the doorbell,I am happy to open the door.。 […]

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The voice has not fallen,A thick tail in the thunder smoke swept over,Sent this talisman to fly。 In the smoke,Tyrannosaurus Leichang’s strong body silhouette stood up,It goes out of it,Chasing the flying talisman was another brutal shovel collision! The other two talismans were shocked,Specially glanced at the location of the lightning talisman。 The lightning talisman […]

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Three days,Fuming took two days to barely control the level of Lei Jingtian。

呲呲呲。。。 The thunder and lightning keep walking between the dead,Like there is life。 “All right,Now we have to fight the tower,This time the goal is 15 floors!” Fuming’s mouth raised a smile,Stepping towards the fighting tower。 “The tenth floor is full of twenty ghosts,Are you sure the fifteenth floor can handle it?” Qi Tianxiao has […]

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