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After the sale house, the account has not moved to pay 400,000! Court: Timely move into "public households" can reduce the freight

The Beijing Chaoyang Court recently opened a trial and sentenced to the house trafficking dispute caused by the residence of the account. The case was defendant to the first batch of Beijing to move the account into public households. In January 2017, Mr. Ni signed "Mr. Yin signed" Save Housing Trading Contract ", Ji Mr. […]

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Beihai Art Design Institute: integration of integration of integration into art professional curriculum teaching

The ideological construction leads the development of talents. Beihai Art Design Academy attaches great importance to the integration of integration education into the school, and fully promotes the implementation of courses in thinking and thinking curriculum. The Institute of Architecture and Environmental Academy continues to strengthen the lead of the red culture, combined with the […]

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China @ 四川 | Samsungdu new unearthed gold mask

  Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, September 9 (Reporter Zhang Chaoqun, Li Qianwei) Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics Archaeological Research Institute announced the new batch of Samsung stacks, an outatory cultural relics, one of the complete golden masks.   This is the top of the Samsung Pile Site, "September 2," September 2. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Yu photo […]

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China’s 25e batch tot Congo (jin) Peace-peching Medical Detachment maakt gebruik van kunstmatige intelligentie om snel en effectief malaria te diagnosticeren

De foto toont de onderzoekers van militair medisch onderzoek, snel herkennen van valse monsters Teng Yuejing People’s Network Johannesburg op 12 december (Reporter Yan Ming) Onlangs gingen China’s 25e batch naar het Congo (Jin) Peace-peching Medical Detachment om het laatste onderzoek en de ontwikkeling van mijn land te gebruiken van kunstmatige intelligentie diamelium alacticormatiesysteem, een […]

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(China) Urban Academic Year, 2021 "Announcement (No. 3)

Release time: 2021-10-2910: 47 Source: City Location Tianyuan Cultivars (Future Science and Technology City Qian Xue Sen Road and Culture Road Intersection) Traffic Participation Guests can directly navigate to Yuhang District Yuhang Street Qianxiao Road Hangzhou Normal University Future Technology City School, with the meeting The physical version or electronic voucher can be used) from […]

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Ali area is created in the demonstration zone for the start of the hand to build an ecological livable beautiful home

  In recent years, the Ali region has implemented in-depth implementation of the intensive and prosperous ecological civilization, firmly establishing "green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan, Ice Snow is also the concept of Jinshan Yinshan", to create a national and Tibet Autonomous Region Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone as a starting point, National important ecological safety […]

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Based on the new development stage to implement new development concepts, build a new development pattern (two sessions, sound 2021)

Liu Qi (director of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Secretary, the Director of the Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee) adheres to the sharing of prosperity of Li Hongzhong (Tianjin Municipal Party Committee Secretary) to promote common prosperity as the important goal of "14th Five-Year Plan", and strive to protect and improve people’s livelihood Xi Jinping The […]

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Beijing Metro No. 14 operation is full of operation! Lize, Fangzhuang Dashi Dawang Road, Wangjing

The most important node of the remaining section of Metro Line 14 Lize Business District Station is doing sweeping construction. This reporter is currently divided into Subway Line 14, which is divided into either, and will implement all lines at the end of the year. The reporter learned from the Municipal Major Project Office and […]

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Boekwater blauwe hemel in "Yiyi Liu"

Originele titel: "Yiyi Liu" in de blauwe waterblauwe lucht, de lantaarns, de oude stad Xi’an, de waterkant, de lichtschaduw zwaaien. "Water is de ziel hier." Elke avond, Wang Fengtao, in de buurt bewoners in de sportkleding, rennen langs de rivier. Waterwaterreinigend, boomschudden, in het gras, het verfrissende, de meest fascinerende, "14e games worden meteen geopend, […]

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Construction of the party’s 100-year commemorative coin can make an appointment

At 22:30 pm from August 31, the Party centuries cities can make an appointment of Hunan to make an appointment of 6 banks according to the People’s Bank of China, at 10:30 on August 31, the Chinese Communist Party was established. The 100th anniversary of commemorative coins began to make an appointment, and the appointment […]

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