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Even these people in front of me,The more I speak, the more excited I feel。

I’m looking at these,At this time, Wang Teng thought carefully for a moment。
Although I brought them together,Not bad。
But in Wang Teng’s view,Actually, Wang Teng felt,This time it shouldn’t be better to take them。
Just this,In fact, there is no doubt that it has already come。
And look at these,Now,At this moment, Wang Teng said calmly:“No need to,This time,I plan to go alone!”
original,Those who are still looking forward to。
After I heard Wang Teng finished,obviously,They can’t believe it。
Talking about these,What’s the reason?
Even when they look,Suddenly felt,Some can’t understand at all。
According to reason,Actually they don’t need to be like this at all。
But what about this matter now,The feeling,But not the same。
“I know what everyone is thinking,But now,The situation in Sioux City,Not resolved yet。”
“You are here first,I will think of something by myself!”
When Wang Teng looked at everyone in front of him,at this time,Wang Teng was very calm,Don’t forget to talk here。