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Snow is still falling,There is hardly a pedestrian on the road。Wang Youcai walked to Pingyang Town like crazy。at this time,It’s getting dark。

Grandma’s,I must go to Pingdu tonight,Wang Youcai vowed to himself。It’s really the emperor who pays off,A taxi to take patients stopped at the street。After some bargaining,Wang Youcai finally arrived in Pingdu as he wished。
Originally a few tens of minutes by car,Because of the chain on the tire,So when it’s normal,,It’s already nine o’clock in the evening。After Wang Youcai got off the bus,Had a bowl of beef ramen on the side of the road,Then I went to Chen Xiaoju。
This woman was also caught with him one night,Because the police don’t have a lot of clues to her,So detained for a few days,Fined her and let her go。
Wang Youcai relies on his memory,And he came to a newly opened community,Where does the house just start renovation,So there are not many residents,He vaguely remembered,Chen Xiaoju should live in Room No. 21, Gate Unit No. 5。
Xia Jian while walking,Cursing secretly,This woman is a bastard,To save two money,Just rent such a remote place。But what makes Wang Youcai happy is,He just knocked on the door twice,The door opened。
Chen Xiaoju wore a thick pajamas,Wrap yourself up like a big bear,She looked at Wang Youcai behind the door,Asked in surprise:“How come out?Didn’t it take several months??”
“Let me in first,Cold outside”Wang Youcai said,He twisted his body and squeezed into the door。
This is simply two worlds,It’s so cold outside,The room is warm。Xia Jian this talent show,There is a large electric stove of several kilowatts in the bedroom。
Wang Youcai asked Chen Xiaoju softly:“Which old man is not here?”
“Go back home,His wife makes a phone call a day,Like a soul”Chen Xiaoju said,Went to the bedroom。Wang Youcai listened,Can’t help but be secretly happy,At least he has a place to live during this time。
Wang Youcai glanced at the warm bedding on the bed,Smiled and said to Chen Xiaoju:“Can i go up for a while,It’s too cold outside,Freeze to death”
“No way!Move a stool by the electric stove,It’s warm in a while”Chen Xiaoju said blankly。
As the saying goes“Under the eaves,How can you not bow your head”What’s more, I look like this。Wang Youcai moved a chair and sat beside the electric stove,As soon as I sit down, I feel my body warm up。
Chen Xiaoju twisted her butt and sat on the side of the bed and said,She raised her brow and asked:“How did you come out?”
“Hi!This to me,Not a trivial matter。Big brother pays,Second brother contributes,Just like that, I came out early”Wang Youcai shook his head and said,The problem of boasting is getting sick again。