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The latter has a newly born five-product refiner.,Standing on the chariot of Dongfeng Court。

Plus two women’s capabilities,No one can fight with them。
Single suspense,Who will get the first place?。
Wang Yuxin?
Still Zhao Xiaowei?
Make a reason,Today’s Wang Yixin has summer to help out,Absolutely large light color,Be the palm。
In this respect,Increased only some impression points。
Zhao Xiaoxue is equally ignored,Although the wind is temporarily in the banquet,Can really look,Still the achievement of the past year。
now,Wang Yuxin and Zhao Xiaowei have also become nervous.。
“There is only a crown of up-oriented.,The old man sells a car,Let me talk about the respective results of Wang Yixin and Zhao Xiaoji in the past year.。”
The old man smiles,“I know that everyone is also very urgent.,But they are too good.,Even if we can’t take。”
Toned,Also,“Six months ago,Zhao Xiaoli leads a lot,Can be in the second half,Wang Yixin chased up,She has planned dozens of beautiful operations in the second half of the year.,Auction of each Dongfeng Community,Will set off a storm,Especially the auction of nine four-product god arrows,Although just a auction,But the follow-up impact is large,Attracted a lot of customers。”
Merely,His eyes swept Wang Yixin and summer,Also,“Last three months,Wang Yuxin successfully operated the defenders,Almost monopolizing the industries of Shencheng,Sea area monopoly,Three months included the market share of Shencheng 30%……”
And all this,Both related to summer。
The words are obvious。
Regardless of the rise of the preserve,Still sea resource monopoly,Become a radius of Wang Yuxin。
Also let her from backward position,Character to catch up with Zhao Xiaowei。
“Let’s say the Zhao Xiandi of the Shenhai Chamber of Commerce.……”
The old man appreciates,“If Wang Yixin is an extremely excellent operation master,So Zhao Xiaoli is a handsome talent with strategic eyes.,Her work every time,It is called the pen of God.,Layout,Give her a seven-point resource,She can get two times three times or more rewards。”
The old man laughs,“Just like this Temple to wear water.,So sufficient for Hohai Chamber of Commerce?”
A Tao is not from looking to Zhao Xiandi,Quite complicated。
“Not the Temple to reveal,Instead, Zhao Xiaoji nodded according to the business operation of the Sheem Business Court.,After being speculated by her,Against,So she can gather hundreds of branches for treasures and best products three months in advance.,It is also a lot of refinery talents.。”
“Not only that,She also allows the first to go out,Please come out,so……The temple will issue the water shuttle task.,Shenhai Chamber of Commerce has been prepared for,If there is no accident,This will be an extremely beautiful battle.。”
Zhao Xiandian has no expression,The eyes are emerging。
Wang Yuxin’s face is red,Full of heart。
If there is no summer,She will lose very thoroughly。
Do not say anything else,If there is no support for sea resources,Disrupted Zhao Xiao’s deployment,Counter-friendly words,The treasures and boutiques of hundreds of divisions at the Shenhai Chamber of Commerce,At least 50% of the market share。
Even so,After the sea resource is on,Other chambers of commerce are quite,Passenger flow。
But Shenhai Chamber of Commerce can not only be self-promoted,Grab a market share。
“……This is also our difficulties,Hard to pay,So we decided……”
The old man is trickally,“Ten days,Improved programs wearing water club will be announced,Who is a flower?,Who is the list of business women’s list。”