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2021 World Manufacturing Conference will hold 20 activities in Hefei on November 19

People’s Network Hefei November 15th (Zhao Yue, intern Zhang Yuntin) Today, People’s Network Anhui Channel learned from Anhui Provincial Government Press Conference, 2021 World Manufacturing Conference will be held in Hefei from November 19th to 22nd. It is reported that this session is owned by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, the State-owned Assets and Assembly, China Academy of Commerce, National Industry and Commerce, National Association, China SMEs Association, Global SMEs, Anhui Provincial People’s Government. Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce, Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Technology, Anhui Provincial Office (Hong Kong and Macao Office), Hefei Municipal People’s Government, etc. According to Liu Guang, deputy director of Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce, 2021 World Manufacturing Conference Executive Committee, the head of the coordination department, Liu Guang, a total of 20 activities, divided into major activities, "six hundred" project docking activities, topics Activities, parallel forums four major sectors, about 800 important guests participating. During the General Assembly, "China’s new energy automobile high-quality development report (2021)" "Anhui Province Industrial Internet Top Ten Innovation Application Cases" "Annual Assessment Report of the Annual Assessment Report of Anhui Free Trade Test Area" is equally theoretical, and the advanced manufacturing development The new trend, exploring the new path of manufacturing high-quality development, and promotes the strength of the national and global manufacturing industry and enhances the power of the open cooperation.

The exhibition of this session is located in Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total area of ??10,000 square meters, show new technology new technologies in manufacturing models, and is divided into comprehensive exhibition areas and professional exhibition areas.

Among them, the comprehensive exhibition area includes the preface, the Yangtze River Delta area, the main country exhibition area, imported commodity exhibition area, etc .; professional exhibition area includes a new generation of information technology industries and modern service industry exhibition areas. At present, more than 400 companies have signed up for the exhibition, and there are only top ten emerging industrial leading companies, and there are also "invisible champions" in the industry segment.

Quantum computing, high-end new energy vehicles, sixth generation flexible display, air imaging, full-color laser, memory chip, electronic glass, etc., will be unveiled during the conference. As a major platform for "double tricks and double", the World Manufacturing Conference has a total of 1752 contracts, total investment is trillion, as of the end of October, has exceeded 80%, which is an industrial ecology, and promotes industries. Upgrade, to promote economic and social development. This year, the general meeting further focuses on the top ten emerging industries "double tricks and doubles", through the "six hundred" project docked cooperation, strive to sign a large number of high, good benefits, quality and excellent manufacturing. It is worth mentioning that in order to undertake the China International Import Expo Spillover effect, China International Import Expo and the World Manufacturing Conference Seamless Dish, Special Organization Coa, Si Iv, Xiang EF, Bosi, Corning, Linde It participated in internationally renowned companies in China International Import Expo to participate in International Import Expo.

Under the unified leadership of the Emergencies Comprehensive Command of the Epidemic Control of Anhui Province, the Provincial Prevention Office oversees the prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control. Considering the epidemic factors, overseas guests participate in the event, and participate in the offline activities in the territory.

The General Assembly specializes in the Epidemic Prevention and Control Department, in accordance with the principle of "scientific, precision, convenient" principle, formulates the prevention and control work program and emergency disposal plan, insists on management, implement subject responsibility, adhere to normal prevention and control, to ensure the safety and order of the conference.

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