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“puff~”Dimensional blade cuts across the huge corpse of ninth-level monster,The huge monster frog is divided into two,And the speed of the Dimensional Blade did not slow down by half a minute。

“Rumbling~”Go through nine huge fireballs and explode one after another,The tongue of fire licks the blade of dimension,Suddenly absorbed and exiled by the broken space。
“Humph~”Wright dodging at full speed,But still being swiped by the Dimensional Blade,Whether it’s platinum level‘Guardian of the Earth’Still a raging sanctuary grudge,Can’t stop the blade of the dimension!
Blood spatter,Wright is half a body,Including the entire left arm,Left leg and part of internal organs,Are cut off by the Dimensional Blade。
Under such painful stimulation,Wright couldn’t help but snorted,But there was a lucid flash in my eyes。
“flutter~”Wright falling from the air,Splashing water on the water。A touch of bright red scattered,Quickly diluted by sea water and disappeared。
Chapter 22 Rules of Life?Vitality!
“Succeeded!?”Kirsman’s pale face showed joy。He is a killer hidden by the Holy See of Light,But the strength is average,Far inferior to Hamlin, a veteran sanctuary peak powerhouse holding a master artifact。He entered the sanctuary for less than three years,With its spiritual power to enter the sanctuary,Plus the magic wand made with the crystal core of Sanctuary Warcraft,Being able to release two taboo magic is already at the limit。
“Be careful,This person may not be dead!”Desi Li holds a strong body in his arms‘strong’!Just now, Kirsman performed‘Dimensional Blade’The moment,He condenses light elements to form several threads,Brought Lie up from the water。The two sides fought a few tricks just now,In fact, at the speed of the sanctuary powerhouse,Counting from the time of the violent fall,Less than half a minute。
How to brighten the Holy See,Although it hides a lot of strength,But the real number of human sanctuary powerhouses does not exceed ten,Sanctuary peak but three!There are still a few angels in the sanctuary,But after all, the angels of Sanctuary can’t improve their strength。
The goal of killing Wright is very important,But the life of a strong sanctuary on your side is more important,In a sense,in case‘strong’If you really die,Even if you kill the target Wright,This trip also failed。
If the intelligence is not wrong,The three of them team up with six angels,Killing Wright is not too difficult,Not so embarrassed。
But Wright found them right from the start,Hide yourself,He killed two angels directly without thinking,Make the angel battle array impossible。Actually,If he only killed one of the angels,Lie can also make up。
But it’s too late to think so,All six angels have fallen,This loss is very big。Big enough to change the whole battle。we can even say,Desi Li and the other three,That is why Desi Li himself is more important than the sum of these six angels.。
Such a cunning and difficult enemy,Kirsman can’t guarantee that his Dimensional Blade will actually kill the opponent。