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“so little?”

Doctor Qiu thought,Ancient medicine should need a lot of medicinal materials。
“For them,Is a little too much……”
Fang Yu reminded。
Doctor Qiu was shocked,Think so。
But compared to hundreds of thousands of treatment costs,Is too bad。
“Doctor Fang……Here is thirty thousand。You must save my father!”Sasha seriously。
Fang Yu was a bit suspicious before。
right now,I completely believe it。
mainly,Some illnesses。
Doctor Qiu never said!
According to Doctor Qiu,Fang Yu never met her father。
Logically,Won’t know so much information。
“But the first task……Move house first……It’s cold and humid here。Even if it gets better,The possibility of recurrence is also high!”
Fang Yu pondered。
“This……”Sasha is embarrassed。
This move,Must spend a lot of money。
And when Sa Sa was thinking about what to do。
Outside,There was a knock on the door!