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“How about brother?Did you take care of Xia Jian today??He still wants to fight me,Don’t look at whose brother I am”Chen Feng said with a laugh on the phone。

Chen Jiang replied weakly:“All right,sleep early!Tomorrow you find a way to leave the hospital,I won’t come to pick you up”
“What’s wrong bro?Is it too tired,If you are really tired,Then rest early。You don’t care about my discharge,Brothers will come”Chen Feng finished,A little unhappy and hung up。
Chen Jiang lay down on the sofa,I just feel weak。He has been,It’s not easy。Do your own work carefully,I have to take care of this unconscious brother。
As the saying goes“Eldest son as father”Parents left early,Is Chen Jiang’s younger brother。Considering that the younger brother Chen Feng has been missing the love of his parents since he was a child,So he is humble in everything。Is his indulgence,Invisibly made Chen Feng embark on an insatiable greed,The bad habit of not being afraid of anything。
Thought of here,Chen Jiang held his head with his hands in regret,Keep rolling on the sofa。There is nothing wrong with his body,It’s just a little bit painful inside。
The new Secretary Gao has not yet arranged a place to live,She is currently living in the Yingbin Building for government hospitality。Wake up from midnight yesterday,until now,She hasn’t eaten a bite of rice。
She was called to the province the day before yesterday,Said she came to Pingdu to be the monitor of the two teams。I still feel a little bit conflicted,But this is an organizational arrangement,She has nothing to say。
I was thinking about going back to the original unit for a handover procedure in the past two days,But what she didn’t expect was that it was early yesterday morning,She received an emergency call from the provincial party committee,Let her rush to Pingdu immediately,Deal with the major accident of Dongwangzhuang landslide。
Wait for him to get in the car,The relevant leaders of the province introduced to her about the current situation of Pingdu City on the phone.。The most important thing is that the leader advised her to come back this time,You can boldly use the mayor of Donglin Township Xia Jian,Another person is Deputy Mayor Qin Xiaomin。
Xia Jian is a popular man in the newspaper,She still knows a little bit about Gao Ju。As for how this person is?She still made a big question mark in her heart。
But the leader can recommend her,This shows that Xia Jian still has two brushes。But Gao Ju in the car is still not at ease,So she called Xiong Lan。First, she and Xiong Lan are good friends,This second,Xiong Lan’s supernatural powers,Pingdu City is her hometown again。
the result is,Xiong Lan praised Xia Jian on the phone。At the end he just said one sentence and hung up。The last sentence is“Reusing Xia Jian is a wise move”
Just when Gao Ju was standing at the window thinking about these things,Her secretary knocked on the door and walked in。The secretary is carrying a lunch box。Gao Ju felt that he was really hungry now。
“Secretary Gao,I have already notified Vice Mayor Qin on the phone,She said she’ll be here soon”Gao Ju’s secretary said,Put the lunch box on the coffee table。
Gao Ju nodded and said:“Secretary Fu,You should also sleep early!I will call you if I have something”Gao Ju’s secretary’s last name is Fu,Thirties,Be careful,High education。So she specifically asked the provincial party committee to transfer his relationship to Pingdu。