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But the light inside is not bright.,Only substantially general white jade stairs,Lead to the extreme distance。

For summer,What is scared?。
Everyone all the way,Mood。
I don’t know how long I have gone.,A normal day in front of the front,And there is a mountain wind blowing。
“I am going to the entrance.。”
The most in front of Liangqiu came to the sound,The sound is excited and looking forward to the silk。
All of them are,Speed up a footsteps。
Light is getting brighter,And getting getting wider and spacious。
At the end,The width of the steps can even be raised and not crowded.。
soon,There is a wide exit in the field of view.。
Everyone did not hesitate,Accelerate at the foot,Outue,A flower,It’s http://www.szpzkjycvntdla.cnimplemented。
Look at,Surrounded by the peak,A seat giant cloud is ethereally,Aortic waterfall,Pentium roaring。
There is still a plain,Unlimited,Vitality。
In the extreme distance,Envelope with rich fog,Hide mysterious。
Big river,Beautiful,Aura,Charm。
All in the place,One time the chop is silent。
All are attracted by this magnificent。
Half half,Liangqiu broke the silence。
His arm,Point to the left,Ambient,“Look there。”
Everyone follows the direction of the direction.。
I only see far away,There is a vague colorful cloud,Penetrate,As if breathing is generally flashing。
After a few interest,Cloudy,Seven colorful clouds over hide。
“what is that?”
Color scales a strange look,Can’t help but ask。
“There is the direction of the Hall of the Hall of the May。”
The sound is the main stop of the refiner.。 He truly presses the 心 心 波,The sound is still trembled with a wire.。
What did Liangqiu also think of,Color changing。
Ho Ran returned,A pair looks at everyone。
His binding,Several nature,Two dense light,The look is enthusiastic。