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2021 World Food Day and National Food Security Promotion Zhou Louncing Activities held in Han

On the morning of October 16th, 2021 World Food Day and the National Food Security Promotion Zhou Lantian event was held in Wuhan University of Light Industry. Provincial Committee deputy secretary, governor Wang Zhonglin, the United Nations FAO, China and North Korea representative Wen Kang agricultural resonates; the Party Committee of the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Food and Material Reserve Party Secretary, and Director Zhang Wafeng. Wang Zhonglin said that the guests attending the event will express their warm welcome to everyone for their long-term concern for Hubei’s development. He said that food production is related to national security, boosting the revitalization of rural villages, enhances people’s livelihood and welfare, and is a crimping stone that stabilizes the people’s livelihood.

Hubei Toyomaino, Maofu Food, farming has a long history, excellent resource endowment, food production continues to stabilize, is a large grain, and the net transfer of food is the national granary. We will always remember the Yin Yin, the General Secretary of China, "Contributing to the National Food Security", and resolutely prays the responsibility of the main product area of ??the food, continues to kindrain, food, accommodate food, and seduce grain, continuous improvement Grain comprehensive production capacity, high quality and efficient completion of food reserves, build food planting, processing, circulation all-production industry chain, in-depth development of grain grain action, keep responsibility field, tie the food bag, let the Chinese rice bowl Quality Hubei Food. In the speech, the grain security is "the big people" and eternal topics.

It is necessary to resolutely implement the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the protection of national food security, adhere to the "food head" and "farmer’s work tail", and promote high-quality food engineering, promote the industry chain, value chain, supply chain "three chains association" Promote excellent grain excellent property, purchase, preferential, excellent, and pay "five excellent linkage"; strengthen the "production price store sales" collaborative guarantee, implement "Tibetan grain in the land, hidden grains in the technology" strategy, constantly Improve food storage regulation and control; vigorously carry out food saving activities, strengthen the loss of full chain food; promote the promotion of food security protection, and deepen the "Regulations on Grain Circulation Management", resolutely hold the "Tianxia granary"; actively carry out food security Cooperation, all parties work together to ensure greater strength to protect national food security contributions. On October 16 this year, the 41st World Food Day, the theme of the event is "the future. Better production, better nutrition, better environment, better life."

"This week is the national food security propaganda week, the theme is" Developing Food Industry, Helping Country Revitalization ", which will carry out a variety of food security promotion activities. This event is made by the National Grain and Material Reserve, Agricultural Rural Department, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education , The Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Women’s Federation, the Hubei Provincial People’s Government and the United Nations FAO jointly hosted. Event site, Wang Zhonglin, Zhang Dang Feng, Wen Kang, Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Deputy Governor, Deputy Governor, Deputy Director of the National Food and Materials Reserve, Huang Wei, Jia骞, the United Nations World Food Program restricted the relevant responsible comrades of the National Ministry of Food Program, the relevant responsible comrades of the National Ministry of Party jointly released the food security theme initiative; the State Food and Materials Reserve released the list of "leaders" in the 2021 grain and oil products, and to the national level Grain emergency support enterprises and national food security publicity and education base representatives.

Before the event, Wang Zhonglin, Zhang Waffe, Li Le Cheng, etc. visited the 70th anniversary of the school of Wuhan University of Light Industry. (Yang Nianming) (Editor: Zhou Wei, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.