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After the sale house, the account has not moved to pay 400,000! Court: Timely move into "public households" can reduce the freight

The Beijing Chaoyang Court recently opened a trial and sentenced to the house trafficking dispute caused by the residence of the account. The case was defendant to the first batch of Beijing to move the account into public households.

In January 2017, Mr. Ni signed "Mr. Yin signed" Save Housing Trading Contract ", Ji Mr. Ni, Mr. Yin, purchased all houses located in Chaoyang District, and agreed that Party A shall promise to transfer within 365 days after transfer. The original handling procedure. If the contract will pay 10% of the total price of 10% of the household price, all accounts movement will continue to be fulfilled. Subsequently, Mr. Ni pays the purchase price, and the two parties handled the registration of housing transfer.

However, after this, Mr. Yin did not move the account. Mr. Ni urged no fruit, and Mr. Yin’s resort to the court asked him to pay more than 40 million yuan.

Mr. Yin said that he did not move out of the account, because of the impact of relevant policies.

After the transfer of house transfer registration, he went to the police station to ask the household portrait, but according to the provisions of Beijing account migration policy, because he sold the house after selling the house without other real estate, if the account moved out of the account Falling at the office. On June 7 this year, the Beijing Public Security Bureau issued a public household implementation method. On June 10th, Mr. Yin immediately applied for public households to apply for public households and moved to public households on the next day. In view of the introduction of the public household policy in Beijing, the first time will apply to the household registration management agency, and actively cooperate with the account to move out of the house.

In the end, the Chaoyang Court made a judgment, and the defendant payment was overdue 80,000 yuan. Both parties expressed back to consider whether or not appealed.

(Original title: After the sale house, the household registration is not moved to pay 400,000 law: timely move into public households to reduce the illegal deposit) Source: Beijing Evening News reporter Zhang Lei process Editor: U010.