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Destroy Heaven and the Avenue of Edges,There is a long period of overlap between each other。

Jin Xing Tian Dao,It overlaps as much as the Avenue of Edge。
Commonly crafted metal weapons,Sword and axe gun,Most of them are sharp。
When Li Mingwu has gone through the golden path,The strength of the edge has also taken this step。
“Strength of the Edge,Fifth Realm—Intangible!”
Intangible,Invisible,No longer limited to any form,But invisible,Wherever slash piercing,All can be sharp。
When the power of the edge reaches the fifth state,The weapon of Li Ming’s deity and the second soul,Even the avatar is covered by invisible power at the same time。
In the Three Realms,A measure of top Daozu,I realized the power of the sword,Power of Tai Chi,The Fifth Realm of Edge Power,Or have power comparable to this level,Is the top Taoist。
Reach this level,The strength of frontal combat is ten times stronger than the ordinary Dao ancestor who masters a heaven。
In the Three Realms,I am afraid that there are no more than a hundred powerhouses at the top Taoist level。
If it is an ordinary Taoist,The edge power of this fifth realm alone will be stronger than its own mana。
Such as Li Ming’s deity,Even if it’s only half-travel ancestral mana,This sharp power alone has increased its strength a hundredfold。
And Li Ming’s second soul,It is the first-class ancestor mana,The addition of the power of the edge is only to make the power stronger。
But there is a qualitative increase in the level of cutting edge in the moves。
In the chaos,Chaos Alien knowingly can’t escape,
Reflexive battle,Extremely aggressive。
His eight arms held a scimitar and chopped in all directions,The turbulence of earth, wind, water and fire emerges in the void。