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third chapter Treasure and Infinite Space

A weak but firm force,Li Ming,Spread out around the earth。
The speed of this force far exceeds the speed of light,Spread quickly。
Within the range of this force,Ordinary Lord、Immortality can’t be sensed at all,Even the Venerable Universe just feels something wrong。
Only those great masters of the universe,And very few universe overlords can feel this special energy。
But the level is Li Ming’s ability,The first control of this treasure also affected the range of the surrounding four or five star regions including the Qianwu Universe Kingdom.。
This energy,Very weak power,Can’t even forcefully control any constant star warrior。
But what it contains,Impact on space,Effect on the soul,High level!
“Work hard for thousands of years,Use precious treasures,Into my space‘day、Ground’So in the two major directions,Use my human forge、Secret Pattern of Qi Beast Clan Silk Thread,Draw lessons from the crystal nucleus of space darlings such as the demons,The structure of the Zerg brood,The treasure created!”
“Believe you won’t let me down!”
“Infinite Palace!”
Li Ming understands,10% of this treasure,Whether it’s to myself,Still to those‘Destined’,Have great benefits。
The top treasure infinite palace。
This treasure has the functions of some palace treasures and domain treasures,But in these two respects, it’s just an ordinary treasure level。
Its main function,Is for practice and cultivation。
From some literary works on earth‘Unlimited space’Vision。