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Chen Xiu now has seven、Eight points of drunkenness,The thoughts are already a little airy:“She just lost to me today,It’s absolutely nothing good to find me now,I’d better stay away from her!”

“No more,I can go back to the hotel by myself!”
Chen Xiu walked straight along the roadside after speaking,Lin Caiwei drove along slowly,Shouted:“boarding,I have something to tell you!”
“Just say whatever you want,You don’t have to get in the car。”
Lin Caiwei gritted her teeth when he saw that he didn’t get in,Sneered:“You a big man,Not Tang Seng,I’m afraid you won’t make it if I eat!”
“Agitation,It doesn’t work for me!”
Lin Caiwei was so excited that she didn’t know how to respond,Reach into the low-cut suspender skirt and directly take out a playing card,Fly towards Chen Xiu。
Chen Xiu took it,The flying card still carries body temperature,Alcohol stimulated his heart。
“Miss Lin,Don’t think that such a card can seduce me into the car!”
“You think too much!”Lin Caiwei said angrily:“You turn over and take a look!”
Chen Xiu flipped playing cards,I saw a dragon jade pendant painted on the back,A gust of wind,Made him wake up all of a sudden,I just jumped into the car without saying anything。
“What do you mean?”
Chen Xiu pointed to the dragon jade pendant on the playing cards and asked,He is not surprised,Dragon jade pendant is his biggest secret,But I don’t know what she means。
Lin Caiwei didn’t speak,Step on the accelerator,The car is running up,In less than ten minutes it was roaring out of the city,Dashed towards the top of the mountain along a winding road。