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1.6 trillion! Henan digital economy ranked 10th

Original title: trillion! Henan digital economy ranked 10th 2021 Digital Economic Summit in Zheng held, Henan’s first smart island opened on October 21, Zhengzhou, hosted by the Henan Provincial People’s Government, Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government, Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission Harvesting 2021 The Digital Economic Summit and the New Smart City Conference were held in Zhizhi Island, Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Longzihu.

This conference was published around the theme of "Digital Henan, Wisdom Central Plains", which was released around digital economic development and new smart city construction. How does the digital economy encomplated new smart urban development? The reporter gave you on the spot.

At the main forum of the summit, the Henan Provincial Party Committee Secretary Building is unveiled by the first smart island in the province – Zhongyuan Longzi Lake Zhizhi Island.

Zhongyuan Longzi Lake Zhizhima is the core area of ??the national data comprehensive test area. It has already settled in more than 200 digital economic related enterprises, with 12 provincial-level big data double-created bases, introduced Huawei Zhipeng Ecological Innovation Center, Alibaba Platforms and companies such as the Ecosystem Headquarters and Haikangwei Zhongyuan Regional Headquarters have attracted 211 private equity investment funds, initially formed operational models that can be self-profit and sustainable. (Editor: Yang Xiana, Huang Sha) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.