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Beijing Metro No. 14 operation is full of operation! Lize, Fangzhuang Dashi Dawang Road, Wangjing

The most important node of the remaining section of Metro Line 14 Lize Business District Station is doing sweeping construction.

This reporter is currently divided into Subway Line 14, which is divided into either, and will implement all lines at the end of the year.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Major Project Office and Beijing Turban, Beijing Rail Transit Construction Management Co., Ltd. The completion acceptance work will achieve initial operation at the end of the year. Many new station underground connecting commercial buildings on the Beijing Metro circuit diagram, Line 14 is a reverse L-shaped subway line, but is divided into the west section and the east section.

In May 2013, before the garden fair, from Zhang Guozhuang to the West Section of Zhang Guizhuang to open in the whole line. At the end of 2014, the east section of the 14th line opened, from the south of the Villa, arrived in Jintai Road in the south. Subsequently, the Jintai Road Station to Beijing South Station is then opened in 2015. It was affected by the Planning of Lize Business District, and only the WESFL in the Western Union to Beijing South Railway Station has not been opened. The remaining section of the 14th line is about 4 kilometers, including Eastern Pipe Station, Lize Business District Station, Castle Camp Station, West Railing Station, Jingfengmen Station Five Station. Among them, Jingfeng Gate Station will be transferred to No. 19 line. After opening, the east of the 14th line will be achieved in the west section, and the length of the subway 14 line will reach km. Among the five stations opened, there are several stations to achieve integrated construction with the surrounding buildings. Passengers don’t have to go out of the ground, they can directly enter the nearby commercial buildings. Guifeng, Deputy General Manager, Beijing Rail Transit Construction Management Co., Ltd., introduced that Lize Business District Station and the surrounding Lize SOHO, Jin Tang Building is connected to the export; the West Railing Station can directly connect around Wanda Plaza; Eastern Pipe Station is connected to China Railway Building, and passengers will be very convenient.

Lize Business District Sunshine can take the platform in the 5th station opened in this opening, the Lize Business District Station is the last station building 14.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the Lize Business District Station. The renovation in the station was close to the end. From time to time on the platform, there was a truck stop, and the construction worker held the station equipment on the platform. Unlike existing subway stations, the Lize Business District Station only sets two ground entrances.

There are four escalators between each entrance and exit and the station hall, and an eight escalator is also equipped between the station hall and the platform to avoid the peak of passengers in the escalator.

Walking in the Lize business district station, the visual of the platform and the station is more short, and the simplicity of the station is also very modern. Pan Zhentao, deputy manager of Beijing Urban Construction Rail Transit Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., introduced that the Lize Business District Station used an open design and the design style was consistent with the future Lize City Terminal.

Among them, the 14th line is in the form of auxiliary form, the space is integrated, and the taller has reached the rice, and the space is even more spacious. At the top of the station, two glass lighting skylights were also set. When the weather was sunny, the sun was directly taken directly from the sunroof, and the lighting is also reduced, and the station operates more low carbon.

The Lize Business District station structure uses very few large spans, overweight large steel colored pieces in subway construction, with a total of 21 Y-shaped steel structure columns, and the weight of each column is more than 70 tons, lifting, and installation requires extremely meticulous. And precise.

The participating units are carefully designed and carefully constructed to ensure that all processes are accurately implemented.

This is also the first time the Beijing subway uses the Y-column to build a station. Pan Zhaotao said.

At the end of this year, the Lize Business District Station will take the lead in opening Metro Line 14.

In the future, in the Lize Business District Station, passengers can also exchange multiple lines such as Metro Line 16, Daxing Airport, and Multi-line lines such as Line 11, Lijin Night, and Tong Dynasty. Traffic Vehicle.

At present, the debugging stage of the pass train has been entered. The Metro Line 14 has entered the commissioning stage before passing through the train. Based on the current construction progress, 5 stations on the line will have open conditions before the end of the year. The relevant person in charge, in the previous train debugging stage, the remaining sections of the 14th line do not have a separate parking condition of the vehicle, so most of the operation of the train commissioning requires a formal operation of the train to be implemented after operation, the conditions are very complicated.

However, all participants overcome all kinds of difficulties, night ending, running the car debugging, running map, etc., ensuring safe operation after passing through the train.

After the remaining sections of the 14th line, the 14th line will also achieve the whole line through operation, Lize Business District, Fangzhuang Residential Area and Xidawang Road, Wangjing and other bustling business districts will realize the first-line direct reach, which will greatly facilitate Beijing Southwest. Travel in the southern and east urban residents.

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