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Huangfeng old demon,I know that Montenegro is ready to take him.,Shake the plain knife in the hand:“You have to fight me,Shine!”

Ten seconds later,Huangfeng Laimon Street。 Good illiteracy picked up,Double eyes is still,Racing bloody red clouds toward the next mountain。 Nightlight,Ten hills are being taken,The surrounding monsters are shaking,Several of them together,Select a speed of the fastest,Go to find the big brother of the magical king to save。 …… Two days later,New weapon forming,The appearance is […]

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Han is listening to this,It is also very unbelievable look at Han Shanshan.。

“You said, but the truth?” “Um,should be,Although there is no evidence,But I can feel it.,There is also a secret connector tag 啥。” Han Shanshan is also a little dare not,But I will appear in Chen Beixi.,She feels that the other party should be addictive.。 “I see,Simple, my child, a woman, a woman, has a hobby,But […]

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Who are the sleeping guys,He stood up immediately,Two of them walked over to Xia Jian,One of them shouted to Xia Jian:“stand up,Send you back“

Xia Jianyi listen,A happy heart,Just together,I just feel a pain in my neck,He lost consciousness。 Noon sun,Scorching the earth hot,Passerby,Try to hide under the tree。In a wasteland in the eastern suburbs,Wormwood breast,When Xia Jian opened his eyes,Found myself lying here。 He hurriedly got up,I pinched my thigh with my hand in disbelief,pain,It seems this is […]

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First2334chapter misunderstanding It took a morning,Xia Jian and Gu Yue came out of the city criminal police team,They are to cooperate with the police in handling the case。 Happily,Chen Sanyi’s group was picked up by the police。It is said that when the police rushed in to arrest people,Chen San including his men are still sleeping。They […]

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“puff~”Dimensional blade cuts across the huge corpse of ninth-level monster,The huge monster frog is divided into two,And the speed of the Dimensional Blade did not slow down by half a minute。

“Rumbling~”Go through nine huge fireballs and explode one after another,The tongue of fire licks the blade of dimension,Suddenly absorbed and exiled by the broken space。 “Humph~”Wright dodging at full speed,But still being swiped by the Dimensional Blade,Whether it’s platinum level‘Guardian of the Earth’Still a raging sanctuary grudge,Can’t stop the blade of the dimension! Blood spatter,Wright […]

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“Old age will never shame。”Elder Yi bowed,Turn around and leave quickly。

“remaining people,I need to divide them into ten teams evenly,Mix and match different temples and high and low-level supernatural powers,Each team draws a backbone as the captain,Reliable、Prestige,People who are good at communicating with me directly,This thing too fast,Just trouble Elder Jin to do it。” “no problem,I will do it immediately。” “and many more。”The boy called […]

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“Can’t you get a lot of money for life and death??”The Great God and Demon asked loudly。

“Your life is not enough。” “You draw down!”The Great God Knows,Gods do not allow gods and demons to exist,The root of this war is also here。 “And them。”The true god,Sure enough, it is the other seven or eight demon gods on the top of the peaks,Including blood demon old demon,A colorful flame ignited above every […]

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The two fled and chased,Until dawn,Chen Xiu absorbs Qi Pill in his body,Infuriating、The physical strength gradually recovered,Turn around and continue with Patriarch Qingyun。

I don’t want Master Qingyun after taking the pill,The internal injury was also suppressed。Fight dozens of strokes,Chen Xiuyi is not an opponent,I swallowed another Qi Gathering Pill,Keep running away。88 The two went on and off,Escape and chase,Farther。Although Qingyun Patriarch’s cultivation is slightly better than Chen Xiu,But it will hurt his life,But it’s not easy。 What’s […]

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Lu Si looks at two red lines,Excited hands swing,“Wow!Blue,You are too powerful. Really pregnant, my nephew。”

Blue Xinye asked:“Sister,How do you know that it will be a nephew?,If it is a niece??” Lu Si is happy and laughing.:“Blue,Whether it is a nephew or a niece,I all like it.。” “Oh!”Blue Xin looked at her blinking,A pair of crying。 Le Yu, etc.,Incoming things,I have heard the conversation of two people.,She took a breath […]

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Back from Shenjia Village,Li Hui also found a double double。

Ye Shuangshuang is signing in the office。 Every batch of goods from the winery,I need her to confirm it.。 Seeing Li Hui,Ye Double is also a glimpse。 “big boss,From the construction plant until now, you have never been to see it.,what is it today? Can you come over here。” “Hey-hey,Today is something。” “whats the matter? […]

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