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Huangfeng old demon,I know that Montenegro is ready to take him.,Shake the plain knife in the hand:“You have to fight me,Shine!”

Ten seconds later,Huangfeng Laimon Street。
Good illiteracy picked up,Double eyes is still,Racing bloody red clouds toward the next mountain。
Nightlight,Ten hills are being taken,The surrounding monsters are shaking,Several of them together,Select a speed of the fastest,Go to find the big brother of the magical king to save。
Two days later,New weapon forming,The appearance is black and the sword。
Swordsman,Connected of a sword handle of about one meter,However, the sword handle can extend,Change a big gun,Repeatedly jump,The general manager is short.。
Several pieces of banana fan also synthesized,The grade is not improved,Power is only a slightly better than before,Compared with the handle of the iron fan, there is no difference,Can only be barely pretending to be a public。
Give these,Liao Wenjie backhand will put the long sword on the ground,The breath of the King of the Niu Devil is close to,I can’t see my body。
Before,He turned a way,Look at whether to Zunbao is still alive。
Discuss,Zi Xia fairy is very grinding,Difficult to cover the property,To respect, Zunbao is really not necessarily to live with her toss.。
so,Is because Zixia Fairy One Soul,Sharing a body with her sister Qingxia,Daytime is purple,Night is green,I don’t know if I think this sister is split.。
These two sisters are dead to be dead,Because the battle is fierce,Hold a lot of innocent people,I took a photo by the Buddha.,Turn the two people into the wick together,I expect them to work hard to practice and understand grievances.。
This world, Qingxia and Zixia appeared during the day.,One night appears,Dinner is not coming,But still depending on the opponent’s life and death。
Zixia snapped away from the moonlight box,It is to avoid your own sister.,This is also Liao Wenjie to evaluate her a tence reason.,One-piece soul,The result of running to the end of the world is the same。
Zixia knows his situation,But to Zunbao does not know,Because of playing,Decided to pay for the moonlight box,as usual,In a dark night,Use the beautiful male and men who have repeatedly defeated themselves。
Ahead of a punch,The next day wakes a lot on the next day.,I know that Zixia is a mental split.,Decided to change it in big day,Excusement is also simple,Help Zixia get rid of her sister Qingxia’s championship。
After a series of tence and forthbred processes,To Zunbao pulled out the purple Youth Sword,Visiting Zixia’s face。
Active and passive relationships,Zixia tells the cause of the purple brother sword and the causality of his wishful Langjun.,It shows that this feeling is on the day.,Let the To Zunbao do not resist,I am from her.。
Although not the original words,But probably means,Comply with life,Forgot the white crystal, she is a wife。
Sleepy people’s master,That is the teacher,Think about it is still quite stimulating,Don’t do it, there is a new posture that unlocking the teacher.。
Formerly to Zunbao,Ten a thousand,Why, he has now,Urgent to save white crystals,Want to refuse to welcome a few seconds,Refused the Purple of Purple in Drive。
The latter refused to the respect of the treasure was very surprised,After all, the best of Zunbao is perfect.‘goat’Definition,She doubts that the rejection of Zunbao is desirable,Go directly to his body and his heart to communicate。
result,To the respect of the treasure is indeed a color ghost,However, it is only a recent color.,Magnimen’s safety,Woman who can’t make another heart。
I have been here.,But I didn’t expect people to have people.,Zixia is separated,Even the purple Youth sword forgot to take away。
She silently blessed the best and a bunch of bone shelves.,Then in the night of the corpse,The bone shelf bites to the respect,Since this longer,The rest of life is living in remorse and self-blaming。
Be right,Zixia is such a blessing,From her lost soul, I forgot to take away the body of weapons.,But I am dead, I will understand that I can’t help but get together.,She still has a look forward to,Don’t ask for the eternal treasure and white crystal。
at the same time,The apprentice who has not met have full of apprenticeship,I don’t know how to honor Master.,This is not to。
“The dead stinky bone,Obviously I came first.。”
Zixia walks in the desert,Kick a sand in one step,The sour grievances made a black background,It is clear from two miles.。
Then she was seen.,Accurately is a monkey。
One monkey falls from the sky,嘭 嘭,Pair,Zixia Dimension,Monkey has skyrocketing。
Sun Wukong。
At this time, the Westbound Brigade has been formed.,Surface,But because Master is too embarrassed,Sun Wukong is inevitable,Caught him to give the Niu Dey,When the pot, I don’t forget to lie to the body of the king sister.。
After all, it is a monster.,Can you expect how many exercises in monkeys?,Moreover,He wants to have an exercise,Will n’t call big?‘Small sweet’NS。
Sun Wukong is currently running,Catch the road to Tang Tang,Guanyin who has been heard,A chasing an escape,The opportunity is coincidental,Accidents and Zixia Fairy。