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Since Li Tianzhen woke up,Then I learned about the battle situation and the black unicorn from Dayan’s spiritual knowledge.,So I didn’t hesitate to cut off the spiritual connection with it,He will not give the kinsmen any chance to peek,I believe this is also good for the black unicorn。

The light fades,Darkness shrouds the earth again,Li Tianzhen’s body is flying with the night wind in the wilderness,Flicker,Anti-turn East,Flirty,This is the body method of stepping on the wind and chasing the clouds only possessed by great supernatural powers,More clever than walking against the wind。
Treading the wind and chasing the clouds not only fits the trajectory of the air current clouds,And can easily predict the direction of the trajectory,So that the body、The breath moves with the wind and is hidden in the wind,Or do whatever you want,Walk freely in the fierce collision of several air currents,Unhindered,Because at this time,He himself has become a part of the situation。
Anticipate changes in complex trajectories,Even sophisticated weather equipment is not easy to do,Need model,Need large-scale computing,Even probabilistic analysis,But it’s not a difficult task for those who touch the rules of the road,Every world and heaven has its own rules of operation,Birth, old age, sickness and death are the rules,Seasonal change is the rule,Energy balance is also the rule,It’s just that different worlds are presented in different ways,It is the lower level rules that make these rules run smoothly,And the balance rule and the derivative rule are the big way。
Not bad,Li Tianzhen survived this catastrophe,Was awakened again under super pressure,The cultivation level and strength have been greatly improved,Although Li Xiucheng still has difficulty waking up,He has already half-footed into the threshold of the avenue,Become a great magician who can touch certain rules,Even though he is seriously injured now,Rules can still be identified,Follow the rules。
Those eyes in the sky can hardly find Li Tianzhi floating in the wind,Walk in the wind,So laid back and at ease,He felt with his heart the new world he just saw in the sea of knowledge,Like the world barrier,Energy in the Voidstorm, etc.,Before returning from the void,Relying on the protection of Li Xiucheng’s soul and a ray of divinity,His experience and cognition are very superficial,But this time is completely different。
All the sounds came from behind,Dozens of flames skyrocketed,The tank’s rocket launcher finally started roaring,In the distance, there is a continuous orange line of fire rising into the sky,Whistling and flying by,Li Tianzhi knows,The col will be plowed repeatedly,Not only will there be no trace of the existence of the blood,Even the Holy Blood Array hidden deep in it will be seriously threatened,Quantitative changes will produce qualitative changes,This is also the rule,No matter how genius Feiyu is, he can’t ignore the rules,Then there will be heavy artillery,Tonight’s cols will be colorful。
of course,These are not enough,Li Tianzhen is not sure if the blood clan that has escaped will return to defend their holy blood formation,In his subconscious mind, he doesn’t think,Although this great formation is the only sacred artifact that the blood race can directly communicate with the river of blood,Is their true lifeline,As for those totems,Can only store the energy of the ancestral land,Can’t directly communicate with the river of blood,After damage,Repairing is quite troublesome。
Holy Blood is so important,But the blood that has escaped will not come back,Otherwise they will perish,The tribesmen and energy that have finally accumulated are suddenly interrupted and dissipated,It’s very difficult to gather again,Everyone knows the truth in one go,I believe that these elders and priests of the blood race will not get confused at a critical time.,Go back to hiding,Better than dying right away。
This is where Li Tianzhen and Dong Old Man disagree,So this old guy always refuses to attack,Suddenly focus on the war puppet,Actually just a cover,He hoped that Li Tianchou would follow his advice,While also building strength,Just waiting for the return of the blood,Give a devastating blow,This old man is not stupid,But still don’t understand the cruelty of the war of the heavens,The blood is at war for generations,Have had countless experiences of dying,A little discard、Broken wrist, etc.,Common to them,Without any feeling**color。
and so,The third situation is very likely,The kinship should leave a handful of elites to use the Col to ambush,Maybe there are very important people involved,These are likely to be discarded,But Li Tianzhen didn’t expect that the mantis would stay,Then there is greater hope for finding the secret path of the blood race,This is why he still stays in the wasteland even though he is seriously injured。
The night wind swept Li Tianzhi towards the mountain co,The gap in the mountain is already blazing,The raging and hot air wave collided violently with the wind,The air flow skyrocketed,Li Tianzhi’s heart moves at will,Naturally follow the airflow and fly upwards,The scene inside the col is unobstructed,The first wave of bullets blasted the entire altar debris into gravel,The remaining war puppets that could not be transported have long been completely different,I believe Old Man Dong will be heartbroken,Li Tianzhen also has some strange emotions,Yuwen’s baby was ruined by him like this。
The farther impact points left deep pits on the flat ground,Can’t talk about riddled with holes,But also ugly。
There is no expected blood appearance,Those eyes are gone,Li Tianzhen is in the swirling air current,Looking down at high altitude,Gods are released far away,At this time he is not worried about being detected by the high-ranking blood,Because divine consciousness also coincides with the direction of the airflow,Even melted into the faint light,everywhere,But hard to find。
at this time,If the kinsmen who stayed did not appear in the mountain co,Then more likely to appear around the offensive position,damage,Or kill the key characters,Are good choices,For example, Old Man Dong’s tank fleet,Or a certain artillery position in the northeast,They will all be under tremendous pressure,Old man Dong has experience fighting with the mantis,Li Tianzhen is not worried,The danger lies in the other two directions,But he can’t rush over yet。
Shortly after,The second wave of more violent attacks begins,Countless missiles drag the bright light trails across the night sky,Plunged headlong into the mountain col,Burst of fire,The rumbling sound is endless,Make the earth tremble,Later large-caliber mountain cannons also joined the attack,Finally let the bombing in**,The small flat land in the col has basically been turned over,The rising smoke covered the entire sky above the large gap in the middle section of the buried hill。
The surrounding air stream was cut into several strands by the violent shock wave,Under a sudden increase in pressure,The running direction suddenly became violent,Li Tianzhen kept changing his posture,Shuttle in various air streams,With ease,It took a small amount of effort to circle the entire mountain col.。