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Based on the new development stage to implement new development concepts, build a new development pattern (two sessions, sound 2021)

Liu Qi (director of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Secretary, the Director of the Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee) adheres to the sharing of prosperity of Li Hongzhong (Tianjin Municipal Party Committee Secretary) to promote common prosperity as the important goal of "14th Five-Year Plan", and strive to protect and improve people’s livelihood Xi Jinping The General Secretary pointed out that realization of common prosperity is not only an economic issue, but also a major political issue of relationship between the party’s ruling.

Tianjin puts the important requirements of the General Secretary General Secretary, General Secretary and Sharing, and Combining Common Wealth and Its Importance of Common Fuyu as the Important Goal of "14th Five" and strives to protect and improve people’s livelihood.

Sharing development focus "a total", co-construction sharing is an important principle.

Achieving common prosperity is the essential requirements of socialism with Chinese characteristics, it is a centralized reflection of the Chinese Communist Party, the purpose of governance, is an important feature of Chinese style modernization.

Building a well-off society in an all-round way, realizing the first hundred years of struggle, in the history of the Chinese Communist Party, the history of new China, there is a milestone in the history of Chinese national civilization.

We must deeply grasp the "roots" and "soul" of the new development concept, firmly establish the people-oriented thinking, and resolutely prevent the two-pole differentiation and let the people live a good day. Sharing development highlights "Pu", eye-catching, facing ordinary, Huize is generally. We insist on "Let most people benefit", focus on small difficult groups, "buy more charcoal, buy less flowers", focus on solving poor, weak, short, unsatisfactory.

Each year, 20 people were implemented. In advanced and extended heating period for 5 consecutive years, 97% of the elderly were explored, and the school education had a new degree in two years, and the hair reached the garden.%, 875 square kilometers Wetland repair protection, 736 square kilometers of green ecological barrier construction, 153 km coastal protection management and other ecological construction projects let Liuti big land green … This Zhang Minsheng transcript is a political position of the new development concept, and the value orientation is vivid. Failed. Sharing development is focused on "responsibility", responsible, responsible, responsible, and champion. With historical, it solves the historical legacy, more than 300,000 people have got a desire for three or forty years of old public housing privileges, all transformation of 148 million square meters of shantytoes, 546 "Flying" bid farewell to "union" The troubles, more than 4,000 petitions, the standard of clearance … A large number of historical legacy issues is completely history, and thousands of households have become a reality for decades.

Sharing development is expensive in "Heart", with love warm people, truthfully replacing people. The heart is the biggest politics. We keep in mind the general secretary, strengthen the people’s point of view, stand firm, and take the mass line, "report to the masses" activities to calibrate the public servant positioning of party members and cadres, "Haihe Night" soft lights in the people’s heart, "early" early Watching the curtains Lights "full of community cadres to the empty nest elderly into the micro love … Adhere to the development of development, pursue common prosperity, will make this city more warm, more temperature. Our reporter Fu Zimei sorted vigorously promoted the digital Liaoning Zhicheng Strong Provincial Construction Zhang Guoqing (Secretary of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, director of the Standing Committee of the Liaoning Provincial Party ", gave full play to the digital resource advantage of Liaoning industry and the data resource advantage of digital industrialization, and construction numbers Liaoning, Zhihua, General Secretary Xi Jinping, to investigate Liaoning, to rely on innovation to make the entity economy, stronger, and excellent. Industry is the liability of Liaoning, and Liaoning revitalizes the industrial revitalization.

We have to give full play to the digital resource advantages of Liaoning industry and the data resources of digital industrialization, and build digital Liaoning.

Do a good job in structural adjustment of three big articles, vigorously meter, adjust the structure, and promote new and old kinetic energy conversion. Reconstruction upgrade "old name", uses new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, and Internet of Things to increase efficiency of equipment manufacturing. Deeply develop "original", for metallurgy, petrochemical, etc. "original" industrial chain, "refine", "refining", "crude chemical", "refined chemical", "refining", "", "illegitimate" insufficient "chemical", etc. The raw materials have a shortage of increased value-added chains, and promote the "original" industry to high-end development in the industry chain value chain.

Cultivate the "new brand", strongly promote the development of strategic emerging industries, high-tech manufacturing and high-tech service industry, vigorously develop digital economy, accelerate data elements market cultivation and new infrastructure construction, and cultivate the structure of digital industries, and speed up digital government , Digital social construction, enhance the level of artificial intelligence and large data application, and realize the "digital butterfly" in Liaoning.

Strengthening scientific and technological innovation support leads, unwilling to go into innovation road, eat "innovation". Focus on industrial development needs, optimize a number of key laboratories, industrial technology innovation centers and new R & D institutions. Play Liaoning’s industrial advantages and talent advantages in the fields of new materials, fine chemicals, high-end equipment manufacturing, semiconductor chip manufacturing equipment and industrial basic software, and contribute to the national science and technology to contribute to Liaoning Wisdom.

Improve the interests of interests, let the school research tripartite rush to the market, rush to demand, so that technological innovation results are transformed into social real productivity. Improve innovation incentives and security mechanisms, strengthen the legislation of scientific and technological innovation, intellectual property protection.

Strong foundation, prosperity, to improve the power of industrial chain supply chain to contribute to Liaoning power.

Implementing industrial base reconstruction projects, focusing on basic components, basic processes, critical basic materials and other foundations.

Highlight high-end equipment manufacturing, integrated circuits, fine chemicals, biomedicine, new materials and energy-saving and environmental protection and other industrial development, so that the advantage is more prominent. Exceeding layout additive manufacturing, flexible electronics, third-generation semiconductor, quantum technology, energy storage materials and other future industries, building logo products and leaders.

Our reporter Wang Jinhai sorted with innovation leading to promote high-quality leap-forward development Liu Qi (Jiangxi Provincial Party Secretary, the Director of the Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee) in-depth implementation of innovative driving development strategy, accelerating the promotion of quality change, efficiency change, and Dynamic changes Xi Jinping General Secretary pointed out Today, the world is experiencing a big change in a hundred years, and technological innovation is one of the key variables. Innovation is the first motivation to lead the development, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, and the scientific and technological innovation is crucial. It is necessary to keep the innovation of this "cattle nose", and in depth implementation of innovative driving development strategy, accelerate the promotion of quality change, efficiency change, dynamic changes, and promote the high-quality leap-forward development of Jiangxi, strive to make the key variables of technology innovation become "maximum increase quantity".

Do everything possible to enhance the innovative platform level.

Innovation drivers, the platform is an important basis. We strongly implement the innovative platform to attack the cockroaches, earnestly grasp the layout of the innovative platform, speed up the construction of the country’s independent innovation demonstration zone of Poyang Lake, give full play to the functional role of major innovation platforms such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Institute of Innovation, and strive to introduce famous universities and research at home and abroad. The institutions and national laboratories, the large science equipment settled in Jiangxi, support the provincial colleges and scientific research institutes to promote high-quality and technological innovation with high level innovation platform.

Unwavering the development of industrial innovation. The key to innovation should fall in "industrialization" and achieve the depth of scientific and technological innovation and industrial development.

We keep the industrial chain to deploy innovative chain, focus on the layout of the innovation chain, vigorously promote major key technologies, concentrate on doing high-quality, high aviation, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, Chinese medicine, new energy, new materials The advantageous industries, accelerate the traditional industry to digital, networked, intelligent, platformized, green transformation, comprehensive improvement of industry-based high-levelization, industrial chain modernization, and strive to reshape "Jiangxi manufacturing" brilliant.

Go all efforts to create innovative talents.

Innovation and development, the root will depend on talents, and innovative drive is essentially talent driver.

We insist on taking talent as the first resource, increase our efforts to introduce all kinds of scientific and technological leaders, innovation teams, and improve the proportion of college graduates in the province, try to gather talents, retain talents, use good talents. In particular, seize the new opportunities for global talents, implement more attractive, competitive talent policies, and introduce talents in the minds of Xiang Ruo, Guangta Jun Talents, and talents with "Store Xiaoyi" "Nanny" service. All kinds of talents come to Fujian new entrepreneurship to provide good conditions, and work together to describe the new era of Jiangxi reform and development new paintings. Our reporter Zheng Shaozhong organizes the "People’s Daily" (13th edition, March 06, 2021) (Editor: Shuai, Rona).