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Save on easy-to-use hydration cleansing


Save on easy-to-use hydration cleansing

Introduction: The sense of economic saving can not only be reflected in times of crisis, using foods in daily life, saving money, but also beauty!

In addition to the basic cleaning steps in the spring, hydration is particularly important.

Take a look at the following ideas, simple and practical.

Green tea cleaning method 1, green tea cleaning method takes 1 green tea, the green tea can only be used once, so the amount does not need to be too large.

Add green tea to half a basin of hot water and stir for 3 minutes to fully tea leaves. When the water temperature is close to the skin temperature, use a cotton pad to directly wash your face. This method can be performed daily.

Cucumber honey method II, cucumber honey method ingredients: 1 cucumber, 3 spoons of honey, half a cup of purified water.

Wash and squeeze the cucumber and honey water, and apply from top to bottom until the cotton pads dry.

Don’t worry about the green color of the cucumber entering the skin, because the green color is already absorbed by the cotton pad.

Rice washing method 3, rice washing method take 3 rice, pour into half a pot of warm water and stir for 2 minutes.

Rice water face washing method: Wait for the water temperature to cool before washing your face, soak the cotton pad in water, and wipe it from top to bottom. This can be repeated many times.

Oily muscle hydration method 4, lemon hydration method (for oily muscles) oily skin hydration: lemon moisturizing balance lotion lemon peeling: take a lemon, cut the lemon into pieces.

Mix lemonade: add all to the juicer, squeeze until it becomes juice and then pour into pure water, the ratio is 1: 1. Do not apply directly to the face.