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Brain scan can prove if you are in love

Brain scan can prove if you are in love

Most people always judge whether they fall in love with each other based on their own feelings or some physiological reactions. For example, when they see each other, they will feel like they are pulling their lungs, and they will sweat, feel dizzy, or even excited.As if breathing should stop.

It is generally not wrong to make a judgment of falling in love initially.

  However, at a recent European conference of neuroscientists, scientists at the University of London pointed out that they could obtain a scientific proof of whether a person fell in love by scanning their brains.

  Semir Zeki, a professor at the University of London’s Department of Neurobiology, pointed out in their experiments that they showed 16 young people who were in love, showed pictures of the people they loved, and pictures of a friend they knew at the same timeAnd then tested them on brain MRI.

The results clearly found that when looking at pictures of friends, their brains were not active, and when they saw pictures of loved ones, four areas in their brains experienced strong chemical changes, and these fourAn area of the brain is the area where excitement generated by external substances such as cocaine can cause an active response.

Therefore, scientists have concluded that because love also brings people different levels of excitement, the activity of these areas of the brain can also prove whether a person is in love.