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Throughout history,The struggles at the top have always been the cruelest,Most ruthless,Also the worst。

Lu Menglin is just the identity of Bai Ding now,Although a little net worth,But in the eyes of those upper-class people,It’s just a small character that can be easily erased。
He can emerge,Blended at a critical moment,Is already unexpected,Not to mention being able to retreat all over。
An identity like him,It’s easy to be sacrificed by those big people in minutes。Now I just need to avoid the wind,So the Jiang family is really interesting。
“I plan to go to Hong Kong Island for a while,By the way, you can follow up on the legendary movie side。Group affairs,So please ask Soyeon and everyone.。”Lu Menglin nodded,Archway。
Everyone present nodded,Kim So Yeon blinks beautiful eyes,Biting lip lightly,I can’t bear to make a difference。
“Nothing,Anyway so close,I will be back anytime。It’s a vacation。”Lu Menglin smiled。
Everyone laughed,Only Kim So Yeon is still biting her lip,Look hard to part with。
“but,Before i leave deep city,There is something to be solved first。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Talk about it,Lu Menglin took out the phone,Dialed a number。
“Manager Chen,Are you there yet?Oh!Has arrived,it is good!Come on you guys!”
After Lu Menglin finished speaking,Everyone in the meeting room was a little bit stunned,I don’t know who he is calling。
quickly,The answer is revealed。
The three people came in with a disgusting face,In the dust,Full face
Of course。
See someone,Everyone was stunned,Even Kim So Yeon was taken aback。
Because it turned out to be Chen Tianjiao from Shengdaong,And his two vice presidents。
Chen Tianjiao returns to his hometown again,Come to the headquarters of Menglin Group,Although I know that I will suffer humiliation in all likelihood,But he had to come。
Because the Sheng lobby is not working,Legend of Blue Moon has become a ghost suit,The company’s cash flow has almost dried up,Although Chen Tianjiao has an Internet cafe channel contract in hand,But facing the dilemma of the company’s bankruptcy。