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The results of many laboratories,Feels really good,But not mass production,This also means that for a long time, consumers and businesses cannot experience the most intuitive experience brought about by technological advances.。

Such as Google’s quantum computing supremacy。
Even a random number,No guiding significance for reality,Although it can blow loudly,Let people see the hope for the future,But it can only be said that Wangmei quenches thirst,Because it can’t solve any practical problems。
Or anti-material energy technology。
In theory, antimatter is the best clean energy,Is the hope of mankind’s future cosmic voyage,In fact, humans have already created anti-hydrogen atoms in the laboratory。But according to the current conditions,Produces one gram of antihydrogen atoms,About ten trillion dollars,Even the world’s largest power cannot produce one gram of this anti-hydrogen atom by virtue of the power of the whole country.,Not to mention serving humanity。
But this battery technology is different。
People in the audience are naturally excited。
Applause rang for a long time,Only gradually stopped,Lan Xuefeng was able to finish:“Thank you,thank you all,Now we invite our team member Luo Lan,To show you all the tests we have done in the laboratory,And test data。”
See here,Bill·Gates’ eyes fell on Wang Yufei again。
He can’t figure it out,Why at this time,The battery technology invested by this company has made a major breakthrough。
This is really going to die for Microsoft?
Wang Yufei also felt Bill·Gates’ eyes,Raised his head and showed a smile,Said:“Our team leader answered your question just now,Yes,This battery has already solved the mass production problem。And the materials used are not expensive。”
Hear this,Bill·Gates felt 10,000 critical strikes。
what is this?
If life is a game,This is probably crazy krypton gold?
Changxiang Technology is clearly a technology company engaged in semiconductors and software,Ended up investing in a college student club,Who dares to think that any project in the club will be successful?Still on such a delicate node,What is this?
If Xin System is competing with Microsoft in the same dimension,So the release of this high-energy solid-state battery,It’s a dimensionality reduction blow。
This even makes the words he threatened before become a laughing stock。