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Li Hui’s Di Yang, who has been far away.,He looks at Su Xiu Xiu,Laughing directly。

“Do you still want to continue to play??
I resigned or I now take a few car invoices to find your manager to remove you.?”
Li Hui said that it is a bit more room for discussing this.。
Before the other party wants to step on him,He has endured,Now the other party wants to recognize,He nature will not be in hand.。
Seeing Li Hui Feng’s cold meaning,Su Xiuxiu knows how to show your smile, I am afraid.。
Sorry directly cold:“Humph,Go on,Let’s don’t encounter,I will definitely let you take it.。”
Although she knows that the probability is a meaningless discourse,But she feels that at least the clerk can look at her high.。
Immediately, the lotus,Twisted the waist to chase Di Chung Yang。
She doesn’t want to work so much.,Moreover, Diyang has also promised her.,Even if you resign, you should have a job.。
Looking at Su Xiuxiu,Li Hui Feng directly let the clerk began to handle it.。
And with Su Xiuxiu leaves soon,The manager in the store also ran out。
It is also a three-person tea for Li.,It is also to give a nine five% off。
Have to say manager’s practice is also very good。
same,The reason why the manager treats Li with a few people.,He also wants to get more about the might of this.。
After all, it’s more to sell a car in the future.。
After all handling,Li Hui also left Zhao Xiaoling with Zhao Xiaoli’s ID card.,The license plate number and insurance are all given to each other.。
As a result,Manager is even more enthusiastic。
After all of this,Li Hui Feng prepares back to the village。
But this time they didn’t take the bus.,But the manager directly drives them to the village。
Lotus Village,Hao Tong, is also a bit surprised.。
Why didn’t he think of a small farmers in a village can take a 560 million to buy a car?。
“Hao,I will eat a special dish of us here.,How about it?”
“no need,no need,I have to help you apply for license plates.,Insure,I will go to the city in the city, I invite you.。”
Hao Tong En is these guest monarchs for Li Hui,Natural will not be true。
Li Hui said that the other party said,Also no longer bare。
Directly let the other party drive the car to the courtyard。
At this time,Siheyuan has built a few more。
Siheyuan came to Li Hui,Hao Tong En knows what is luxury。
The password lock at the door, he knows that there are thousands of pieces.。
Inside the renovation, he feels more money.。
Li Hui Feng let Zhao Xiaoling will help tea with Zhao Xiaoli,He contact Han Shanshan directly.,Jin Xijie,Yang Li came over。
Jin Xijie still has some headaches in the county to further develop。
The county is now basically stabilized by him.。
To develop again,Also moving towards the surrounding。