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The reporter visited the first steel skiing, the old industrial site culture and the perfect integration of the Olympic culture

China Youth Daily Appreciation Beijing November 11 (Zhong Youth Daily · Zhongqing Net Reporter Cixin Wen Wen and Video) The reporter visited the first steel skiing platform in Beijing Shougang Park.

Song Jiaye, deputy director of the construction department of the major project construction headquarters of Beijing, introduced that the Scholar Ski Daji is the first new venue in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing (October 31, 2019), also The only snowy venue will host the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics skiing platform, and there will be four gold medals here during the Beijing Winter Olympics (male, female board skiing "and free-style skiing platform) . After the Winter Olympics, it will become a world’s permanent preservation and use of ski jump venues, becoming a professional sports competition and training venue, and open for public leisure fitness activities. Shoushui ski is consisting of three parts: three parts of the track, referee tower and stands, 164 meters long, 34 meters wide, and the highest point is 60 meters. In the form of the game, the players fell from the high place, jumping through the big feet, and performing high-altitude and empty, swivel.

The design of the Shougang Ski Big Tower is integrated into China’s very well-known World Cultural Heritage – Dunhuang Mural "" Flying "element.

The meaning of "Fei Tian" and the word "English Bigair" of the ski big jump platform, there are the words of the sky, the meaning of flying, and the curve of the flying streamers and the first steel skiing platform are very fit, the outer model of the building is very beautiful, smooth . The Ski Ski Large Tour is located in the North District of Shougang Old Industrial Park. The venue is divided into the original steel power plant, cooling tower and original steel oxygen oxygen plant.

Adhering to the concept of "sustainable development" in the 2022 Winter Olympics, the address of the Ski Daxie is selected in the Shougang Park, which is to make full use of the first steel of the big feet, and the industrial structure of industrial buildings, and meet the Winter Olympics. Many functions such as competition, broadcast, audience services. It is understood that the cooling pumping station of the original Shougang Old Factory, during the Winter Olympics, it will transform into a ticket invoice hall and the event management office area. After the game, it will be transformed into a multi-functional integrated building, and the future steel skiing platform sports The park provides supporting services; the old oxygen main building is transformed into a comprehensive service building during the Winter Olympics.

According to the relevant person in charge of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd., Shougang Ski Daji is fully considering the value of the industrial remains of the old factory, and the original industrial plant has been reused and reused. Carefully design and construction becomes the Beijing Winter Olympics supporting service facilities, and realizes industrial heritage. Effective conversion and perfect combination of Winter Olympics.

The Shougang Ski Big Tower is backed by the industrial cooling tower, which is a representative landscape of the Beijing City Old Industrial Site Culture and the Olympic Culture of Beijing City. At the same time, it will also drive the landscape integration of the surrounding area, whether it is a match or after the game, it will become a wonderful landscape center in the west of the city. This approach has been unanimously affirmed by the International Olympic Committee and the International Snow, and is also a vivid practice of the Sustainable Idea of ??Beijing Winter Olympics.

The relevant person in charge of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. told reporters that the ski giant jump is a campaign in the Winter Olympics and the World Ski Championships, and selected the game venue during the Beijing Winter Olympics in Beijing Central City. In the first steel park, it is hoped that this unique event is perfectly combined with our urban culture, further through the Olympics to drive the city’s update development.

The Shougang ski jump is fully considering the use of the game, the Winter Olympics will be quickly "transformed" after the construction of the game.

It is understood that after the Winter Olympics, the venue can host the domestic and foreign large-scale platform project sports competition, become a professional athlete and sports team training venue, and the young reserve talents selection base, the event management personnel training base, etc., directly served in China’s ice and snow sports promotion.

At the same time, the track is reserved in the water, but the big feet can not only ski, but also more projects such as water, slurry, etc. according to demand. Sports Square and the audience area below the ski gap, the constructor also specially set the "atmosphere lighting" system, which will bring the audience to the audience with a complete differential experience, and can also hold large activities such as concerts … The development model driven by an Olympic heritage driven urban update is being promoted.

(The picture is provided by the Beijing Major Project Construction Headquarters Office) Editor: Cao Jing.