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Beijing’s human art performance new version "Wilderness" Zhang Keying "Gold" is recognized by the audience

Beijing ‘s New Edition "Wilderness" Stills.

(Beijing Human Art for Graph) From its own founding fulfillment to shape a different gold "wilderness" from creative background, drama style and drama content from Cao Yu’s past works, and is therefore recognized as being Cao Yu pen, the most difficult "The work" "The emotions should be particularly full, and some have an explosive expression, and some should be weak, and the relaxation is very important." She frank, such control is too challenging, not only the body The upper, it is also psychologically. "Xu Fan teacher has been very successful to shape the role of gold, we also repeatedly watch, learn, and try to figure out her videos." Zhang Keyou said, as a first from the Central Drama Academy, I have entered the early age, she It is more necessary to drive the role of drilling roles, and strive to perform their own characteristics. Yan Rui’s director also reminds her not to imitate, try to find the common point between himself and the role, "once in the rehearsal, I am a bit more sad, Just got a foot, Yan Guardi just saw it, said this move is particularly true, and it is not quite right with others. "In the course of the performance of half a year, Zhang Keying also wants to give this The character belongs to the interpretation of the young people. "I have slowly understand the gold, she doesn’t only have love, and there is also a fight against the predicament. She is not just a spicy, and there is cute, interactive and intense.

"Zhang Keyai tried to interpret some of the multi-facet of the characters." I can feel the impulse of this jump in my heart, it may have a slightly green, express, but I believe that the audience will feel my heart. This impulse. "The first new version of" Wilderness ", because the influence of the epidemic can be described as a wave of three fold, but never stopped" flying into the home ". And Zhang Keying and this group of young partners, still infected everyone with lasting enthusiasm, Let the audience have seen the hope of Beijing.

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