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Ali area is created in the demonstration zone for the start of the hand to build an ecological livable beautiful home

  In recent years, the Ali region has implemented in-depth implementation of the intensive and prosperous ecological civilization, firmly establishing "green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan, Ice Snow is also the concept of Jinshan Yinshan", to create a national and Tibet Autonomous Region Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone as a starting point, National important ecological safety barrier, creating ecological livable beautiful Ali results remarkable results. In 2018 to 2020, the autonomous region has been "excellent" for three consecutive years in the Ali area, and "there is a" two rivers and four rivers "basin, and there is a" no tree village, no tree "or less altitude. The ecological security pattern of "one core, two districts, four bands, multi-point", the number of wild protective animals in the national level, and the number of golden yak, etc. are significantly increased. The green trees in the streets of Ali area are shaded, and the lion river is booming, and the old appearance of the Shiquan River town is new. Relying on the excellent ecological environment, in 2019, Ali region proposed the overall goal of creating a national ecological civilization construction demonstration area, and established a leading group that was jointly participated by the local committee, the department, the ground-related unit, and 7 counties, and formulated the "Ali region. Creating Planning in Demonstration Areas of Ecological Civilization, is committed to becoming the construction of Ali’s construction into economic prosperity, urban and rural areas, beautiful environment, ecological civilization, social harmony, and people happy snow.

In October 2020, the National Ecological Environment Department awarded the title of "the fourth batch of national ecological civilization construction demonstration regions", marking the construction of Ali’s ecological civilization to embark on a new journey.

  On the basis of successfully created the national ecological civilization construction demonstration area, Ali region actively promotes the creation of the Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone of the Autonomous Region and formulating the implementation of the Ali Region to create a beautiful Ali’s implementation plan for the establishment of a beautiful Ali. The county is responsible, from top to bottom, the principle of the work of up and down, to create a regional, county, township and village (residential) four-level joint creation, and promote the integration of ecological civilization in the whole country.

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