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Research shows: weight loss may be better at night

Research shows: weight loss may be better at night

A study published by the University of Chicago Clinical Research Center on the 20th reported that the body clock is more important in the body’s response to exercise than previously thought.

This result may change the habit of people exercising in the morning.

  The study conducted a study on the motor response of 40 men aged 30 to 40 at different time periods (hormone levels). The results showed that the key substances of the body’s metabolism were at night and during the night.The response to exercise is the strongest.

  Researchers at the University of Chicago said: “At night or at night, corticosteroids associated with a small number of metabolism and thyroid hormones (in blood) associated with muscle repair have risen sharply.

The researchers mimicked that blood tests performed one hour after high-intensity exercise on a treadmill in the morning showed that the levels of hormones were comparable to those at the same bed rest.

After the same exercise from 7:00 pm to 2 am the next day, the level of hormones is much higher than other time periods.

This indicates that the response of hormones in the body to exercise at different time periods is controlled by the biological clock or circadian rhythm.

  The researchers said: “It is still too early to say that it is better to exercise in another time than another time, but it is easy for us to react to the movements.

“In the body’s reaction to exercise, the biological clock seems to play an important role.

“In the past, experts generally thought that morning is the best time to exercise to lose weight, and this research may change this view, thinking that it is more appropriate to exercise at night.