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Autumn tonic pays more attention

Autumn tonic pays more attention

As the weather turns cooler, people’s appetites get better and better. Many people think that the time for autumn tonic is coming. Some people even cook ginseng as a tonic.

So, is it appropriate to use ginseng to make up for this season?

What kind of natural laws should be followed in the autumn diet?

Hong Dongxu, deputy director of the Nutrition Department of the First Hospital of Jilin University, said.

  Autumn flood control, yin and autumn is the transitional season between winter and summer winds. From the beginning of the autumn season to the end of the winter, including the autumn, the summer, the white dew, the autumn, the cold, the frost, and other six solar terms, and the Mid-Autumn FestivalThe boundary of climate conversion.

Dr. Hong Dongxu said that the autumn is a gradual yang, and the yin is getting longer. The key period from the conversion of Yangsheng to Yinsheng is the season of ripening and harvesting of human beings. The metabolism of yin and yang of the human body has also begun to disappear.

In the autumn, you must pay attention to the maintenance of yin, which is what the Chinese doctors say “autumn and winter yin”.

  Because dryness is the main air in autumn, dry evil hurts people, it is easy to hurt the body fluid, showing a dry image, such as dry mouth, dry lips, dry nose, dry throat, dry stool, dry skin and even chapped.

At the same time, the cold and cold autumn, the spleen and stomach function is more healthy, it is a good opportunity for nutrients to accumulate and accumulate. It is advisable to eat warm and flesh and blood. For those who suffer from yin deficiency, they can also eat yin and yin.Products, such as donkey-hide gelatin, turtle meat, etc.

  Autumn tonic should not be used in the hot summer weather, people’s appetite is poor, immediately after the autumn cool to absorb a large number of pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken and other stews, or other hard-to-digest tonic, is bound to increase the burden of the spleen and stomach.

At this time, edible tamping, yam, jujube, longan meat, lily, glutinous rice, etc. to strengthen the spleen and kidney and regulate the spleen and stomach; physically weaker, you can eat some lean pork, beef, chicken and honey, milk, eggs.

  Dr. Hong Dongxu believes that autumn supplementation is not only a nourishment of the body, but also a precursor to winter tonic, so that the body gradually adapts to the role of tonics, and it is more acceptable in winter tonic, so that the phenomenon of “emptiness and no compensation” will not occur.

Therefore, this season is the time for the recovery of spleen and stomach function. It is not suitable for direct replacement of ginseng tonic, and it will not receive good results.

  Nutritional lungs need attention in autumn health. In addition, the focus of autumn health should be in the lungs, and the lungs should be the main point of eating lung food: pear, honey, sugar cane, lily, sand ginseng, wheat winter, alfalfa, pineapple, banana, radishA succulent food of equal size and flavor.

Special attention should be paid to: drinking light salt water in the morning and drinking honey water in the evening is not only a good method for replenishing water, but also an important content for health and anti-aging.

  The use of fruit to distinguish the taste of cold and cool autumn diet should have a section; regular quantitative, in the early autumn should be light diet, heat and heatstroke, convergence of sweat rehydration, but also increase appetite.

  Autumn diet should be less pungent and sour. Try to eat less spicy food and seasonings such as garlic, onion, ginger, star anise, fennel, etc., and should add sour fruits and vegetables.

  The fruit is sweet and juicy, has the function of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs, moistening and drying the body, and is the best auxiliary food for raising lungs in autumn.

Fruits can be divided into the following categories according to their performance differences: warm fruits: jujube, peach, chestnut, plum, apricot, longan, lychee, grape, cherry, bayberry, pineapple, etc.Should be appropriate.

  Cold and cool fruits: mandarin, orange, banana, Sydney, persimmon, etc., people with debilitating physique should be careful.

  Ganping fruits: plum, coconut, alfalfa, apple, green plum, olive, etc., suitable for people of all physiques.