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Music therapy improves the psychological problems of the elderly

Music therapy improves the psychological problems of the elderly

Family care is important for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and is a guarantee for improving the quality of life of patients.

According to doctors for many years, the occurrence of this disease has a lot to do with the monotony of family life.

Some elderly people are quiet and do not like to communicate with others. If they live separately from their children, the chances of getting sick will increase. The incidence of the elderly is much lower among the families of the three generations.

  Music therapy is one of the psychotherapy methods for the elderly. It is the use of music to promote health, especially as an auxiliary means to eliminate mental and physical disorders.

According to the specific situation of mental and physical disorders, you can choose music appreciation, solo, chorus, instrumental music, composition, dance, music competition and other forms.

Psychotherapists believe that music can improve mental state.

Through the medium of music, you can stimulate your feelings and promote the mutual communication and emotional communication.

  Music therapy is a treatment that uses songs and instruments to improve a patient’s condition.

Most of the treatment targets are dementia, autism and other mental illnesses.

General hospitals use drug therapy, music therapy does not use drugs, or use psychological methods to give patients psychological care and treatment.

“Friends of Casio Music” is the philosophy that Casio has long been adhering to.

The event is more specifically aimed at the new concept of “music therapy” for the elderly.

Experts pointed out that music has a significant effect on the treatment of senile diseases and Alzheimer’s disease.

Many clinical data and experimental studies have proven that music has obvious effects in improving attention, enhancing memory, enlightening thoughts, enriching and improving emotional state, helping to eliminate the emotional and intellectual barriers of the elderly and the surrounding environment, and strengthening the elderly to have a life.Awareness of meaning and self-confidence.