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It is advisable to eat these foods before and after the Spring Festival.

It is advisable to eat these foods before and after the Spring Festival.

Around the Spring Festival, companies and families have many catering parties.

Unregulated diets often cause disturbances in the body’s metabolic system, causing toxins to build up in the body.

Among them, liver and kidney are the two most important detoxification organs in the human body.

As a health care, how do we detoxify our body?

  Helping Liver Detox Food: Carrots are an effective food for mercury.

The large amount of pectin contained can be combined with mercury to effectively reduce the concentration of mercury ions in the blood and accelerate its discharge.

Eating some carrots every day can also stimulate the blood circulation of digestion, improve the digestive system, and resist free radicals that cause disease and worsen.

  The special ingredients in garlic and garlic can reduce the concentration of lead in the body.

  Grapes can help the liver, intestines, and stomach to remove body waste and increase hematopoiesis.

  Fig contains organic acids and a variety of enzymes, which can protect liver and detoxify, clear heat and intestines, and help digestion.

  Kidney detoxification food: Although yam yam can nourish many organs at the same time, but ultimately it is mainly to tonify the kidney, often eating yam can enhance the detoxification function of the kidney.

The yam is a good way to eat. The yam that has been “cooked” with caramel will enhance the anti-toxic effect of kidney.

  The cucumber acid contained in cucumber and cucumber can promote the metabolism of the human body and discharge toxins.

The diuretic effect of cucumber can clean the urethra and help the kidneys to excrete toxins from the urinary system.

Containing cucurbitacin, cucumber acid, etc. can also help the lungs, stomach, liver detoxification.

  Cherry cherries are very high-grade natural medicines that help the kidneys to detoxify.

At the same time, it also has a mild laxative effect.