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Chapter VIII Sure enough

Sudden change,Li Tianzhen’s palms feel cold,Can you save Zhang Zhiqiang?,He can almost be sure that he was discovered by the old man in gray,I just felt the enemy’s extremely arrogant consciousness bombardment,Although the old guy just glanced casually,But it’s obviously against him。
The great thing about this old man is that he has strong spiritual power and supernatural powers.,Li Tianzhen’s opponent who has a headache,Whether it is the Demon Lord、The old demon of Dala Mountain is still‘Nirvana handkerchief’,All of this type,Seems to hit this kind of monster,Li Tianchou never took advantage。
The overall combat power of the opponent should be slightly inferior to Venerable Huoxing,If it is placed in the gods,He can easily be promoted to a demigod based on his combat power alone,It’s a pity in the mortal world,Lack too many conditions for becoming a god,Really want to go further,Can only fly into a fairy,so far,He also lacks many conditions at this point,Li Tianzhen seems to want to understand the other party’s motivation to open the Wumingshan Hall。
If you are alone,Li Tianzhen is not his opponent,But his supernatural powers are messy and weird,And can summon dozens of war puppets,Not afraid of the person in front of you,The focus is to guard against invisible attacks from spiritual powers,Once the Tao,No amount of puppets are useless。
Li Tianzhu didn’t want to expose himself prematurely,But the situation forced,Have to be surprised,Killer!
Not much effort,Zhang Shungen came out of the room empty-handed one after another,Fu Wenli reached out and pointed at Zhang Zhiqiang,Two‘Tianzhenwei’Control it from left to right,And Zhang Shungen and another‘Tianzhenwei’See Zhang Mugen strictly。
“The friend is not a local, right?”Fu Wenli looked not far away with a smile,Supernatural powers who follow Zhang Zhiqiang,This person has not helped,But never tried to escape from here,Elusive in behavior。
“Good eyesight,I come from west。”
“Oh?Yi Wu or Huo Bang?”The eyes of the grey-clothed old man suddenly sharpened。
“Why must it be these two places?”The other side is not smiling,Not flustered at all。
“Appreciate further details。”The old man in grey is pressing hard。
“Umok,I don’t know if the old man has heard of it?”
“Forgive the old and ignorant,First time listening。”
“Huobang originated from Umok。”
“Oh,Since it is a distinguished guest,Sir, would you be willing to accompany the old man to see my head?”
“Dare not obey。”
“Haha,happy!”The old man in gray looked at the magical man and laughed,And Zhang Zhiqiang on the side was furious,“Chuck,Are you going to betray the sage of Huo Bang?”
“Where is this?”Scornful,“Rebuilding our relationship with the East is my mission this time,Why betrayal?”
“What is Umok?How can it be compared with Huo Bang?”