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When the eighteen clones of Li Ming’s second soul appeared in Zhongshan Great World。

Those who are enlightened《Jiu Yuan Mie》Clone of,Comprehend《Nine-fold Chaos Restriction》Clone of,Comprehend《Tao Wu eighteen gods and demons》The clone of the third realm,Many mysteries in my mind are united,At the same time, there is a faintly unified connection between the eighteen clones。
Nine Yuan Symbols start to rotate,Nine Yuan Talisman quickly combined,Li Mingyi《Jiu Yuan Mie》Anatomy of the Mysticism《Good luck hand》,The mystery of the revolving world is revealed in front of Li Ming。
“《Nine-fold Chaos Restriction》Fifth level!”Wave of hand,Ten square sword formations emerge,Prohibit changes above,Become gentle and gurgling,The momentum of each fairy sword surpasses the general innate best spirit treasure,Reach the level of the so-called innate treasure,The ultimate of Xiantian Lingbao。
of course,This is also the ultimate of the ten square sword formation,After all, it’s just a pure Yang super product magic weapon,There is always a limit to the power of the magic weapon material。
“Jiuchuan Guihai!”Nine roads with different achievements,Li Ming’s perception on the Water Xing Tian Dao has also been continuously improved,Finally stay at the level of the realm of heaven。
“《Tao Wu eighteen gods and demons》Third level,Unity!”Eighteen True Immortals,From one body,There is also a tendency to reintegrate。
and《Tao Wu eighteen gods and demons》The method of the third realm,Is to make this trend of unification into reality。
Eighteen true immortals are divided into two teams in one,Nine people per team,Yin and Yang between the two teams,The position is somewhat similar to《Universe One Heart Formation》。
Simultaneously,Eighteen clones simultaneously perform the magic。
An invisible power,Divine soul of eighteen clones、Jindan、Celestial body linked together。
Suddenly,The avatar’s breath became blurred。
A mysterious power acts on the eighteen clones at the same time。
With Li Ming performing this method,Eighteen true fairy clones gradually approached。
First of all,Is the soul。