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Three days,Fuming took two days to barely control the level of Lei Jingtian。

The thunder and lightning keep walking between the dead,Like there is life。
“All right,Now we have to fight the tower,This time the goal is 15 floors!”
Fuming’s mouth raised a smile,Stepping towards the fighting tower。
“The tenth floor is full of twenty ghosts,Are you sure the fifteenth floor can handle it?”
Qi Tianxiao has some doubts in his eyes,He just barely reached the eleventh floor。
“Rest assured”
Fuming waved his hand,Walked into the fighting tower。
“Bet,Newcomer Ye Fuming can.
Chapter 255:Unwilling,Bargaining scene。
“Forget it,Check it out after you go out”
Fuming’s mouth shows a smile,The Thunder Dragon behind him roars,Plenty of power erupts around。
“How can this be!!”
Everyone saw the light flashing on the fifteenth floor with their own eyes,I was shocked。
“Unexpectedly。。。Actually reached the 15th floor!”
Qin Dan stood up,The corners of the mouth twitch,How could the warriors rush here?!