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The old man suddenly loses weight to be alert to six diseases

The old man suddenly loses weight to be alert to six diseases

People often say that it is difficult to buy old and thin, but if the elderly suddenly have obvious weight loss, and there are suffocating, anti-acid, heartburn and other discomfort, then you should pay attention, this is often an early signal of many diseases in the elderly.

  Malignant tumors Most malignant tumors are characterized by weight loss.

Therefore, those who are not thin and who are obviously thin in the near future should be vigilant.

Pancreatic cancer, which is mainly characterized by vague upper abdominal pain, is often mistaken for stomach disease.

The prominent symptom of this disease is that the body weight is significantly reduced, and even the weight can be reduced by more than 10 kg in one month.

  Hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism in elderly patients, about one-third of patients with this disease without thyroid enlargement, more than 1/2 patients without obvious symptoms, the main performance is getting thinner.

  Chronic infectious diseases, chronic tuberculosis, chronic liver disease and many other chronic infectious diseases are also common causes of weight loss in the elderly.

As the body’s catabolism is enhanced, the digestion and absorption function is weakened and secondary infections cause excessive consumption of nutrients in the body, resulting in significant weight loss.

  Adrenal insufficiency Some elderly people with this disease have only a thin performance in the early stage, and then the typical symptoms and signs such as skin mucosal pigmentation gradually appear.

  Gastrointestinal system diseases such as chronic gastritis, digestive tract ulcers, chronic atypical colitis and other gastrointestinal diseases, leading to the elderly can not eat properly, digestion and absorption functions are relatively poor, leading to malnutrition and weight loss in the elderly.

  Drug-induced weight loss This weight loss is often caused by taking certain drugs that enhance metabolism in the body, such as dinitrophenol, thyroxine, etc.

It can be seen that if the elderly find that their body weight is continuously relieved in the body, they should be vigilant and consult a doctor in time.