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Rat test proves that Pu’er tea can lose weight

Rat test proves that Pu’er tea can lose weight

Under normal circumstances, people can often lose weight by dieting, but if they don’t pay attention to their weight, they will return to their original condition and there will be a so-called “rebound” phenomenon.

  In order to find ways to suppress the rebound of weight loss, researchers from two Japanese companies have studied Chinese tea with a slight absorption inhibition effect.

  They fed all the mice that participated in the test with feed-type foods and artificially increased the weight of the mice.

  Then the mice were divided into four groups and began to feed ordinary foods, which were added with Chinese tea: Pu’er tea, jasmine tea, oolong tea, and mixed tea powder for a total of 36 days.

The result is exciting.

  In addition to the increase in body weight that was temporarily relieved after feeding the mice mixed with jasmine tea food, the weight of the mice fed the other tea powder did not increase substantially.

  Especially the mice that were added with Pu’er tea during feeding, the weight loss was very smooth, and the average was 8 grams lighter than the artificially placed rats after feeding the normal food. Compared with no artificial fattening, the mice that continued to feed ordinary foods from the beginning were light.4 grams.

Experts believe that this may mean that traditional Chinese Pu’er tea can effectively suppress the weight rebound after losing weight.