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3 people in Anhui Province were elected for the 8th National Moral Model 7 people obtained nomination awards

On November 5, the 8th National Moral Model Symposium and Awarding Ceremony was held in Beijing. Chen Lu, Li Xia, and Zhang Yuhua were elected for the 8th National Moral Model.

7 people such as Yu Siwen won the National Moral Model Nomination Award.

Chen Luzheng, the front of Hefei Fire Rescue Detachment, the party secretary and political instructor of the Qijiang County Brigade, and continued to fight for nearly 100 hours in the 192020 floods. Li Xia was in front of Xuancheng, the Jixi County Jingzhou Township Party Committee, Discipline Inspection Commission, sent Jingzhou Township Supervision Commission, and took the charge in the fight against the "Leichma" in 2019, unfortunately duty. Zhang Yuhua Department, Wuhu City, Wuhu City, Fu Nan Medical College, the retired doctor, is the fourteenth generation of Xin’an Traditional Chinese Medicine, "Zhang Yes Post", holds a must-shoulder, and hurts the home training of self-improvement. In addition, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army 96812 troops 49 team technicians Yu Siwen, Lu’an Huiqiu County Science and Technology Bureau Dai Qing, the retired teacher of Chizhou City Second Middle School Yuan Jing, the first secretary of the Dawan Village Party, the National Taxation Bureau, Zhangzhou City, the State Administration of Taxation, Liu Shuangyan, a full-time deputy secretary of the party committee, Anhui Chuyuan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., retired employee, Jianghe, etc. Eighth National Moral Model Nomination Award. Our province adheres to the advanced typical leading ideological and moral construction, continuously carrying out the practice of "practicing the core value, building a good man Anhui", has emerged as a large number of things around the body, silently dedication. Since 2007, there have been 25 people in our province to be elected nationwide moral model, 1583 people Rong Deng "China Good People List".

(Reporter Zhang Yue).